Wendy Williams: How She Achieved Her Amazingly Slim Figure In World Pride Day Pic

Wendy Williams rocked a rainbow one-piece for World Pride Day in NYC and she looked super slim -- even with the horizontal stripes. Here's how the 54-year-old got into such great shape!

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Wendy Williams, 54, has been going through some challenging times. Not only did she enter rehab this year, but she also filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter. But despite all the heartache, the one thing that hasn’t suffered throughout her struggles is her figure. In fact, Wendy’s only gotten fitter — and a source close to the talk show host tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that getting treatment for her addictions has played a big part in helping her get in such great shape.

“Wendy loves working out as it takes her away from her issues with alcohol,” says our source. “Having gotten treatment at her sober house the last few months has really reinvigorated her to get into and remain in great shape. She really works hard for the body she has because everyone knows the older you get the harder it is to stay in shape. And she really pushes herself to get to a healthy place with her food choices and workout routines. No one can ever question Wendy’s work ethic and when it comes to looking good, she will continue to attack that head on. She wants to inspire people and also feel good at the same time.”

Wendy’s also been focused on healthy eating habits says another source close to The Wendy Williams Show host. “For the most part, she cut meat out of her diet and sticks mostly to fish and fresh vegetables. But Wendy also knows it’s important to have balance in what she eats and allows herself to indulge in certain meat products from time to time. She is a huge fan of juicing and she does her best to avoid dairy, late night snacking, and sweets. Wendy definitely treats herself on occasion, but makes up for it with extra cardio.”

As for what workouts the star favors, according to her friend she does “mostly Pilates, elliptical, and power walking.” Wendy’s commitment to her health has payed off. “She has been feeling better than ever and is continuing to focus on maintain her fitness and healthy eating habits,” her pal revealed to us.


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