Cam Reddish Says He’s ‘Doing Great’ After Surgery & Ready To Take The NBA By Storm At 2019 Draft

The NBA better get ready for Cam Reddish. The Duke star will make a splash at the NBA Draft, and he EXCLUSIVELY tells us how he’s gotten ‘stronger’ after surgery, which rapper he currently has on repeat, and more.

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Cam Reddish NBA Draft
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The next chapter of Cam Reddish’s life begins on June 20. The 19-year-old Norristown, Pennsylvania native will have his name called during the 2019 NBA Draft, and in a blink of an eye, he’ll go from college basketball player to professional superstar. He’s the man that left the projected No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamsonin awe” before the 2018-19 season started and many experts have predicted him to be a Top-10 pick. While it’s unclear which team will be lucky enough to pick him, one thing is for sure: he’s going to look so fly when he gets drafted. Ahead of the biggest night in Cam’s young life, he spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about his draft day outfit, the one player he wants to face on the court, and how excited he is to “meet the CAMFAM in my new city and help my team win.”

HollywoodLife: Take us through the process of customizing your suit with JCPenney.

Cam: I was excited to have the opportunity to partner with JCPenney to create a unique look on draft night that’s special to me. I worked with their stylist to fully customize my JF suit. My favorite part of the suit is my personalized liner because it represents what’s most important to me and I can’t wait to share it on draft night.

Tell us about your look and how you chose what to wear? What kind of fashion statement did you want to make on the night that will change your life forever?

I’m changing my style up for draft night with the help from JCPenney because it’s the most important night of my life and I want to do something different. My look is memorable and flashier than my typical laid-back style.

How would you describe your style?

Typically, my style is cool and casual – I’m a pretty laid-back guy.  I usually prefer to be in sweats and sneakers, but I’m switching it up for draft night.

If you could pick which song would play when you walk up to get your team’s hat, what would it be?

That’s a good one. I don’t have a specific song in mind right now but probably something by Gunna.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you that you’d want them to know?

That I’m not a passive person. My personality is often described as “chill,” but I get excited like everyone else. When it comes to basketball, I’m more passionate about it than anything. I think people will really get to see that side of me at the next level.

Wherever you land, what will you bring to your future team?

I will bring a hard worker who will do what it takes to win.  I am a guy who can do it all, so I’m ready to meet the CAMFAM in my new city and help my team win. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this, and I can’t wait.

Who is one player you’ve looked up to that you can’t wait to face off against when you’re officially in the league?

Oh man, there are so many good players in the league, but I’d have to say Kevin Durant. I watched him all the time when I was growing up and still to this day, so the thought that I could face off against him is crazy. He’s incredible in everything he does.

What’s one thing you’ll take away from Duke… how has your time there prepared you for the big stage?

Just how to be mentally tough. I faced some challenges this past season, but all of it only prepared me for what’s to come at the next level. This game — and life — is filled with highs and lows so fighting through adversity and doing what’s necessary to improve my game has really prepared me for the NBA.

Give us a taste of how your summer will go as you head into the league. What do you want to work on most?

I began the summer focused on my body and trying to get stronger, whether that was conditioning or lifting. I had a minor surgery a few weeks ago to address a nagging core muscle injury. Now, I’m doing great and am on the road to being in the best physical shape. I’m rehabbing every day and focusing on my diet to make sure my body gets the proper fuel. I can’t wait to be back on the court.

Mock drafts have you going between Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington. While Washington DC isn’t really known for its cuisine, the other places certainly are. Does your stomach have a preference as to where you want to go?

[laughs] No, it doesn’t. I’m just excited to play in the NBA and getting wins with my team. I’m sure that wherever I go, there will be a great restaurant where we can celebrate team wins.