The Sculpt Society: Get Toned With Megan Roup’s Celeb-Approved Workout That You Can Do On Vacay

The Sculpt Society is one of the best new ways to trim down and tone up! Founder Megan Roup reveals why this celeb-approved workout, works!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of KHPR

When you’re crouched at your desk for hours and at the end of the day lack the energy to even get yourself to the gym, you need a Megan Roup in your life. And if that description doesn’t apply to you… you still need a Megan Roup in your life! The former professional dancer took her knowledge of the way the human body move and her love for dance and created The Sculpt Society — an athletic approach to dance cardio and light weight sculpting. “I feel like I fell in love with fitness more than I was with dancing… just loving the ability to connect with women on a daily basis and make them feel strong and empowered in their own bodies. That really led the way for me,” Megan explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “I’ve always loved dance-based fitness, and I really wanted to incorporate a little more functional training. The Sculpt Society blends all the modalities that I really love, together.”

Megan, who often trains beloved designer and blogger Something Navy‘s Arielle Charnas, said that her intention was to simply several of the movement, especially within the dance cardio section, so that anyone “can come into my class and feel successful once they’ve left.” “In my signature class which incorporates the dance and the light weight sculpting, I formatted it in a way that you’re starting to get your heart rate up and then you go into the calisthenics with your body weight. It’s an effective way to work out without using too much equipment,” Megan said. “I think a lot of people believe that they need to get fancy with their exercises and their classes, but really if you’re using your body weight, you can see great results.”

Megan Roup of The Sculpt Society, Courtesy of KHPR

The only equipment you’ll really want is Megan’s Sculpt Society Sliders, that add some extra heat to your lunges, planks and squats! “It makes for a really great summer workout,” she advised. “Everyone’s traveling so much — you can just have your sliders in your bag. It’s a really great, efficient workout that doesn’t require a lot of space or the heavy piece of equipment.”

Megan offers a number of workout videos, ranging in duration, on her website that you can do at home! There, you can also sign up for her classes in NYC!