Rachel Lindsay Reveals Moving To Miami Improved Her Relationship With Bryan: ‘It Shows The Reciprocity We Have’

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo relocate to Miami & the former 'Bachelorette' reveals why the move improved their relationship.

Rachel Lindsay
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Image Credit: Medina Lynn

Rachel Lindsay is a Texas queen, and on her season of The Bachelorette, she made it clear that she’s a strong, fierce woman who loves her family, her job as a lawyer and her hometown of Dallas. However, after living with her fiancé Bryan Abasolo in Dallas for the last few years, the couple made the decision to move to Bryan’s hometown of Miami, and Rachel says that it has helped show their dedication to each other in a new way. “Brian, after the show, he picked up and moved to Dallas for me. And because I was practicing law, it was just easier and he was more flexible,” Rachel explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, while discussing her wedding registry on The Knot. “Fast forward to now, I’m in a place where I’m traveling so much that it doesn’t make as much sense to be in Dallas, other than my family, so it was nice to just show Brian that I’m willing to pick up and move my life for you, as well.”

“It just shows the reciprocity that we have — not that he ever doubted that, but sometimes actions speak louder than words,” she continued. “I felt like it was really important for him to see that, ‘Okay, now let me pick up and support you.'” The couple is preparing to say their vows in the next few months, so in addition to moving to South Beach, they’re also planning a wedding, and if you know Rachel, it’s going to be #lit. “It’s getting close!” she exclaimed. “I just went to Randi Rahm‘s and picked out the type of veil I want!”

Rachel added that she’s making her wedding look her own, with a mix of some traditional bridal wear and some fun shoes! “It’s funny because my dress is so traditional, I think people are going to be shocked, but I’m going to make it funky with my hair,” she explained. “I’m going to wear my hair up and with my shoes, my shoes, that I don’t even, honestly, I don’t even think my shoes match my dress, if I’m just 100% honest. They’re just funky. I love them and I’m going to have fun with them!”

When it came to her registry, Rachel revealed using The Knot Registry was a no-brainer. “I’m traveling all the time, I’m never in one place at one time and I’m trying to plan a wedding, and The Knot Registry offers so much convenience,” the former ‘Bachelorette’ said. “The Knot Registry encompasses everything, so I can do it all, on the go, and Bryan and I can talk on the phone and pick out what we want with a click of the button.” She admitted that at the top of her list is cooking supplies, because she’s trying to learn how to cook for her future hubby! “I’m trying! I’m going to be a wife you know!?” Rachel laughed. “I’m trying to step up my game here!”

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