Beyonce Glares At Mystery Woman Talking To Jay-Z At NBA Finals Game & Twitter Goes Wild

Beyonce and Jay-Z got major attention when they attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals on June 5 and fans noticed one woman who seemed to get on Bey's nerves after she got in her personal space to chat up her man.

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Beyonce, 37, didn’t seem happy at all about sitting next to a mystery woman who was trying to chat up her husband Jay-Z, 49, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, CA on June 5, and Twitter followers noticed it right away! The singer appeared to have a glaring look on her face when the woman leaned over to talk to Jay at one point during the game and even seemed to shuffle in her seat to push her over! Although her look and shuffle could have purely been a coincidence and related to something other than the woman, many tweets in response to an ESPN video showing the memorable moment suggest otherwise.

“beyoncé was not feeling that girl,” one tweet read. “Excuse Me, Why does that lady keep trying to talk to Jay Z? BEY not having this first she shifts in her seat, A Deep Breath, then the slight Eye Roll, next she sorts of shifts forward in her seat as to put a total Block on that Bih! Ok #Bey I  U Girl gon Handle ur Business,” another read. “had to adjust herself in the seat she was so annoyed ,” a third follower observed.

The reactions on Twitter are understandable considering both Beyonce and Jay have been very open about having a marriage that has encountered ups and downs in the past. It’s definitely possible that the “Halo” crooner may have seen the woman’s actions as disrespectful as some other fans indicated, but with all she and her hubby have overcome already, we’re sure their marriage is one of their first priorities no matter how many annoyances they may encounter!

It’s always great to see Jay and Bey at public events whenever they show up to them and this meme-worthy one proved to be one people will be talking about for ages!