BTS’ Jin Releases New Song ‘This Night’ In Memory Of His Sugar Glider Who Died & Fans Are Sobbing — Listen

Rest in peace, Odeng. BTS star Jin released a beautiful new song called 'This Night' in the wake of his beloved pet's death, and fans are mesmerized by its powerful lyrics.

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Poor Jin! The BTS singer’s beloved pet sugar glider, Odeng, recently passed away, he revealed in a live Q&A with fans on June 4. Jin teared up in the sweet video, which absolutely broke ARMYs hearts. Jin explained that the two-year-old marsupial, who lived with his parents in South Korea along with his other sugar glider, Gukmul, died from a “height accident.” Odeng-ie apparently jumped from a perch that was “too high” for him, according to the family’s veterinarian. Jin visibly wept in the video, which you can see below, as he remembered his little buddy.

But rather than wallow, Jin did something amazing: he channeled his grief into new music, releasing a beautiful new song called “This Night” just hours later. The song is clearly about little Odeng-ie. Just look at these lyrics. “When I close my eyes / It feels like the times we’ve been together will surface / When I close my eyes / It feels like I will remember only the happy memories.” The song ends with this verse: “Once this night passes/ I am afraid that I won’t see you anymore / Once this night passes / I am afraid that I will be left all alone.” You can listen to Jin’s emotional ballad about his sweet pet below.

Supportive ARMYs were stunned by Jin’s thoughtfulness and his new track, which is already a huge hit, thanks to them. >They got #THISNIGHTbyJin trending almost immediately, and “This Night” became the fastest BTS song to reach one million streams on SoundCloud — in less than 30 minutes. Wow! “Jin is a songwriter. He took his emotions and wrote them down. He used his life events to write a beautiful song showing his vulnerability and shared that with us. I don’t know where to begin to thank him. I don’t know how to show my gratitude for this song,” one loyal ARMY tweeted. “Jin,you know,after listening to this song, I really want to give you a hug,” another said.

Rest in peace, Odeng! Our thoughts are with Jin and his family during this difficult time.