Joe Giudice Is ‘Depressed’ To Be Missing Daughter Gia’s Graduation As He Fights Deportation

Joe Giudice has been dreading missing family moments, including his 18-year-old daughter Gia's high school graduation, due to being in ICE custody since Mar. but he's working hard to be hopeful for the future.

Joe Giudice, Gia Giudice
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Joe Giudice, 47, is doing his best to deal with being away from his family as he stays in ICE custody during his pending deportation case, but he still can’t help but feel heartbreak over missing memorable moments in his kids’ lives such as his 18-year-old daughter Gia‘s high school graduation, which is set to take place soon. “He is really sad and depressed that he is missing important moments with his children and he would love nothing more to get out of the situation he is in with all the deportation issues he is currently embattled with and instead go back to his normal life,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He has learned so much from this ordeal and has definitely made sure that he is honoring family in a more respectable manner.”

In addition to missing Gia’s graduation, Joe had to deal with not seeing his kids on his birthday on May 22. A previous source EXCLUSIVELY told us his wife, Teresa Giudice, 47, is “heartbroken for her girls more than anything else that they won’t be able to really celebrate Joe’s birthday or Father’s Day with him properly.”

Despite the issues that Joe and his family are going through, the father-of-four is trying to his best to hope for a happy ending. “Everything that has been happening has really changed his life,” the first source explained. “He wants his family to see the best of him and he is not there yet and he knows that will change once he is away from all this mess but everything just happens to be coming all at once and he feels miserable that he is unable to get out of this current funk. Teresa is feeling that same pressure. They both can’t wait for brighter days.”

Joe has been in ICE custody since he was released from prison in Mar. after serving 41 months for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud and he’s been trying to fight against being deported back to his home country of Italy. He was recently approved by the United States Court of Appeals for The Third Circuit to stay in the United States while he continues with his deportation battle, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

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