‘RHOBH’: Lisa Vanderpump Disses Dorit As A ‘Stupid Cow’ After Their Tense Face-Off

Lisa Vanderpump's lunch with Dorit and PK Kemsley ended in a disaster after Dorit refused to back down from accusing LVP of leaking a story to the press.

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Welp, so much for Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley repairing their friendship. The ladies’ fallout continued during the April 30 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after Dorit refused to abide by LVP and husband Ken Todd‘s ultimatum. They said that if Dorit couldn’t find it in her heart to believe that Lisa had nothing to do with leaking a story to RadarOnline, then they couldn’t be friends with her. “If you believe I gave a story to RadarOnline, we don’t have a friendship,” Lisa snapped. So once Dorit said that she still believed Lisa gave a story about her to RadarOnline, Ken and Lisa got up from the table at PUMP restaurant and walked away. Dorit’s husband, PK Kemsley, became upset by what had transpired — he, for some odd reason, desperately wanted to fix their friendship with Lisa and Ken (more on that later) — so Dorit chased after Lisa and tried telling her that despite what had been going on, she still loved her. But LVP didn’t seem to care. And after PK and Dorit left the restaurant, Lisa quipped, “It’s easier bloody talking at Congress than it is talking to that stupid cow.”

Later, Teddi Mellencamp hosted a dinner at her house, just before the ladies were set to go camping in her husband’s RV. And it was at this dinner that Dorit reported what had happened at PUMP. After she recapped what had happened, Kyle Richards and the other ladies seemed confused, as they couldn’t figure out why PK wanted to be friends with Lisa so badly. Kyle said she always wondered why they had tried so hard to keep their friendship in tact, when no one had even heard of Dorit or PK before she joined the show just a couple years ago. If Lisa and PK had been such good friends for so many years, then why hadn’t anyone heard of him before he joined the show? And to be honest, we’ve been wondering the same thing. But alas, Dorit insisted that PK and Lisa had mutual friends for approximately 30 years, so who knows.


And before all of that happened, Camille Grammer met up with Denise Richards for lunch and lemonade before they kicked back some cocktails and Camille dissed each and every one of her co-stars. Not only did she call Teddi an “entitled millennial”, but she threw shade at LVP (again) for being “too prideful” and dissed both Lisa Rinna and Dorit. Denise looked really uncomfortable and didn’t engage in the conversation — she just sat back and listened while Camille put her foot in her mouth.

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