50 Cent Reignites Feud With ‘Dirt Bag’ Teairra Mari: ‘What Did You Do To Your Butt’?

50 Cent put his feud with Lala Kent's fiance to bed, just in time to restart his beef with Teairra Mari. He's going after her for the $30K she owes him over a failed lawsuit while mocking her booty.

Teairra Mari And 50 Cent
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50 Cent is all about collecting financial debts lately and letting those who owe him money know they better pay up via savage online messages. On the same day that he got his $1 million “debt” from Vanderpump RulesLala Kent‘s movie producer fiancee Randall Emmett, 48, he took singer Teairra Mari to task over money she owes him over a failed lawsuit. Not only that, he claimed she got butt injections at the same time. He reposted an Instagram photo from @tha_iceberg of the former Love and Hip Hop star using a check cashing center and captioned it “The Law, is The Law. You little dirt bag, and what did you do to your ass.”

The photo showed Teairra in a pair of black leggings with an ample behind and Fiddy — real name Curtis Jackson — got in another swipe at her derierre. He wrote “😟I want my money before that shit she shot in her butt go’s into her blood stream,” under his original comment. Teairra had a revenge porn lawsuit against the 42-year-old  tossed out in January by a Los Angeles judge, who turned around and ordered that she pay $30,618 in 50’s legal costs. Since then he’s frequently chided her about the money she owes him.

The former reality star turned around and released a diss track aimed at 50 earlier this month titled “I Ain’t Got It” which was all about how she doesn’t have the money to pay his legal costs. Then things took another strange turn when just a few days later he claimed to have trademarked the line “I Ain’t Got It” and started applying it to t-shirts, bags and other items via his G Unit clothing. He even shared a pic of a shirt to his IG with the caption “Somebody forgot to trademark this, so I’ll just take it you little C-m,” he wrote on April 11. “Look, if she don’t take hers down, I’m gonna sue her.”

As if that wasn’t harsh enough, he took ownership over the URL for iaintgotit.com, which links back to his G Unit page selling the items. Still, Teairra claims she’s now got the trademark for the name of her song. On April 24 she posted a video of herself pretending to pack her bags in an empty apartment to go on the run while the song played over it. She made fun of reports that she had an arrest warrant placed on her for not paying 50 the $30K.


She captioned the video “Never believe a n***a named Curtisss… even if he is your favorite washed up old school rapper…. 😩Here is the real news: My Lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant… and Spare Change never TRADEMARKED SH*T.. he’s just trying to steal drip.. he needs it bad.. you see how this boy dress 😖 🤷🏽‍♀️#iaintgotit™️ #wanted#Getthestrapon.”

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