‘World Of Dance’ Recap: The Top 12 Acts Compete For A Spot In The World Final

Tonight on 'World Of Dance' the acts will compete against the three remaining in their division for a spot in the World Final!

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We’re nearing the end of season 3 of World Of Dance, at the Divisional Finals! Tonight, the top 3 acts in each division will compete against each other for a spot in the World Final. However, this year, the show is introducing a new policy that could allow your favorite to make it through, even if they aren’t in the Top 4! The judges can use their Wild Card to send a fifth act through to the World Final!

Derion and Madison took the stage first to compete for a spot in the finals! Mentored by Ne-Yo, the duo brought their insane storytelling to the main stage and even whipped out an outfit change. The pair had a little stumble in their lift that left Madison in tears at the end of the performance. “It was a good routine, we just need to see how it holds up against the next two acts,” judge Jennifer Lopez critiqued.

The iconic Poppin’ John was next on the stage and started his performance off in a big silver chair. The legendary popper proved why he’s a top contender by changing up his speeds, going slow-mo and giving a literal lesson in musicality. “This is such a hard style to appreciate, and I’m so happy to be here to represent poppers and street dance,” John said after his routine. “You take me back to my childhood!” J.Lo said. Ne-Yo added that John followed his advice to not just be a ‘one-trick pony,’ and brought more into his routine than just popping!

Briar Nolet came out next in a look reminiscent of Britney Spear‘s “Oops I Did It Again.” She started in a box, showing off her acrobatic skills before breaking out of the glass and giving the judges an exotic performances. “It was so seamless,” Derek Hough complimented. “What a way to lay it all out on the floor!”

When it came to scores, Derion and Madison scored a strong 92. Poppin’ John knocked them out of the top spot with a score of 95. Briar Nolet made it through to the finals with a 95.3, sending John home, too. However, J.Lo told John that he may definitely get the Wildcard.

The Crazy 8‘s were first to go in the Junior Team division, telling a story about Naia and another dancer named Kendyl, who she has yet to speak to. Mentored by J.Lo, the ladies told the story by showing the young dancer on the outs, but she and Naia end up coming together in the end. Adorable! The girls all hugged at the end and Naia leaned over to Kendyl to say ‘hi!’

VPeepz followed up with a stanky hip-hop performance filled with absolute swagger! At one point they did a lift with the illusion of breaking the flyer’s legs. Their whole routine had the judges dancing along and they got that Standing O! “I love the theme, it’s so appropriate for this stage of the competition!” Derek said of the “fight club” theme.

Last to perform was Dancetown Divas, who wanted to show that girls can do ballroom without guys involved! The ladies danced to “Who Run The World” and had all of the judges clapping on their feet by the end. The routine was empowering and fierce! “It’s because of girls like you that we can do things like this,” the ladies said to J.Lo after the performance. “It really is an honor to sit next to you,” Derek added, while J.Lo wiped her tears.

The Crazy 8s scored a strong 93, while VPeepz overpowered them with a 96. Dancetown Divas unfortunately scored a 95.7, not making it into the Finals. VPeepz are the Junior Team Division champions!

Ellie and Ava were first in the Junior Division to take the stage and worked with Derek Hough on their routine. The three spoke about anxiety and Derek gave incredible guidance to Ellie about her struggles with mental health. The sisters performed a stunning routine to Avril Lavigne’s empowering new song “Head Above Water.” The duo were fierce in their storytelling, and the judges were on board the whole way. “That routine was so moving, you guys were so perfectly in sync. It was perfect,” Jennifer told Ellie and Ava. “I’m in shock right now!” Derek added. “You’re flawless,” Ne-Yo complimented.

Julian and Charlize took the stage next and returned to their traditional hip-hop roots. “She’s nuts!” J.Lo said under her breath about Charlize. “Your choreography is top notch!” she told Julian after the routine.

Kayla Mak was up next with her gorgeous contemporary ballet! She told Derek that she wanted to bring in something different, and he gave her some advice to be able to up her game even more! Per Derek, Kayla used repetition to bring something new to her routine and increase the energy. “Unreal!” he shouted after. “Your grace and your beauty…” J.Lo complimented.

Such a tough competition! Julian & Charlize’s scores were first with a strong 95.7. Ellie & Ava were next with a total of 96, thanks to a 99 from Derek! Kayla received a 95.3 from the judges, making Ellie & Ava the Junior Division Champions!

tWitch came to mentor the Upper Team Division and started with The Heima! One of the members revealed he has a rare heart disease and has a short life expectancy, which brought himself and the team to tears. “That’s why our team name means ‘home,’ because this is home.” The Heima put their masks back on for this routine and delivered several insane visuals and tricks, with one member even throwing off his shirt while breakdancing. In the end, they removed their masks and it was epic! “I missed the pictures you guys create,” Ne-Yo critiqued.

Unity LA went next and depicted the story of a dad walking out on his family. The group used a door to tell the story between a father and daughter while dancing to Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece.” Ne-Yo had tears in his eyes throughout the routine. It was simply beautiful. Ne-Yo didn’t even clap for the group, he just stood with tears in his eyes. “I feel so grateful to be a part of this show, because it creates moments like that. That was pure art,” Derek said getting choked up. “It was so real. Guys. That was it.” “Today, I got my goosies,” Ne-Yo admitted. “I’m choked up right now! That was perfect.”

The Kings were the final performers of the night and the India-based crew decided to play the Indian God who is half man, half lion. The tricks they showed tWitch made him a tad nervous, especially with a big through. During rehearsals the day of, one of their performers hurt his ankle, but chose to go through with the performance anyway. To start, the guys wore a Heima mask and another had a shirt that said Unity LA and they banged their heads together in a totally savage move. The guys put on a serious show with epic visuals and they succeeded with their insane tricks that had the judges on their feet throughout the whole performance. It was truly impossible to tell who was hurt! Ne-Yo walked on stage following the performance to roar with the boys.

When it came to scores, Heima received a 93.3, and Unity LA topped them with a 98.7, receiving a 100 from both Derek and Ne-Yo! The Kings received a 99.7 from the judges, with a 99 from J.Lo and two 100s from Derek and Ne-Yo! The Kings are the Upper Team Division Champions!

There could be one more act joining the top 4! The judges could save any ONE of the acts, and decided to take a minute to discuss what they wanted to do…which we will find out next Sunday on World Of Dance, ahead of the WORLD FINAL! Tune in on NBC at 8 PM ET!

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