‘KUWTK’: Khloe Kardashian Gets Warned About Tristan’s Cheating Before Jordyn Drama

While on a spiritual quest in Bali, during the April 28 episode of 'KUWTK', a psychic warned Khloe Kardashian about Tristan Thompson, saying he's 'a cheater'.

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How ironic. During the April 28 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe and Kim Kardashian sought the guidance of spiritual psychics while in Bali in Oct. 2018. Kourtney was told that she and Scott Disick are “soulmates”, which surprised the girls, but what we found the most interesting was the fact that one of the psychics warned Khloe about her then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, calling him “a cheater”. And this was filmed after the first time he was caught cheating on her, so the psychic wasn’t talking about that incident. Clearly, she was referring to him eventual cheating with Kylie‘s best friend Jordyn Woods.

“Sometimes people love you, but you feel sad. But there is something that is hurting you in your mind and you felt a traumatic experience,” the psychic told Khloe, via an interpreter, before she added, “You can not forget that. Sometimes you don’t trust the person you’re wth now.” Khloe couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and during her confessional, she said, “I fight an inner battle with myself [over Tristan’s cheating].” And then, because she was given this information, she revealed, “Now it’s time to think about [whether or not I should stay with him].”


Khloe concluded that “it’s hard to overcome cheating”, but what she didn’t know at the time (Oct. 2018) was that Tristan would get caught cheating on her again, when he kissed Jordyn during a house party in February. And immediately after that happened, Khloe broke up with Tristan, and that caused her a lot of heartbreak. It’s nothing Khloe could have actually predicted, but it’s interesting to now see that a psychic seemed to warn her about another cheating scandal.

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