Bryce Dallas Howard Praises ‘Mind-Blowing’ ‘Rocketman’ Star Taron Egerton: ‘He’s Extraordinary’

As we await the release of 'real life fantasy' Elton John flick, 'Rocketman,' Bryce Dallas Howard gives a glimpse into her role as Elton's mom, and Taron Egerton's amazing transformation.

Bryce Dallas Howard will be on the big screen, not running from dinosaurs, but playing a prolific figure in Elton John‘s life — his mother Sheila Eileen. While promoting her new partnership with Tide purclean, Bryce spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her upcoming role in the highly-anticipated Rocketman, and working with Taron Egerton on the film. “Elton John, his music, his persona is larger than life. It’s incredibly authentic. It’s incredibly individualistic and unique, expressive. All of these things,” she said of the “real life fantasy” film. “What Dexter Fletcher, the filmmaker, has done with this movie is he created this… concert, it feels like. You’re in it — you’re in the music.” 

She continued, “There were a lot of work sessions between myself, Taron and Dexter, where we really worked out who Elton’s mother was and who his mother was, more importantly, to him, and that was really our way into it.” Bryce revealed that while she did not have any one-on-one conversations with Elton about his mother, Taron and he had in-depth talks about his life. “Elton was writing his autobiography at the time, while we were shooting, and he shared a lot, a lot, a lot with Taron,” she said. The mother of two continued to praise Taron for his portrayal of Elton, calling him “extraordinary.” “

“He, himself, is a musician and a singer. It is his voice. He’s performing the hell out of every single song,” Bryce enthused. “It’s more than inspiring. It’s mind blowing. Honestly, it’s a little bit mind blowing what he did… It’s actually a lot mind-blowing.”

In addition to chatting about Rocketman, which is out on May 31, Bryce also talked about her collab with Tide purclean, the first plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide and made with 100% renewable wind power electricity. “I’d been praying for a product like this since I started my family 12 years ago!” she said. “It’s a plant based product, and from start to finish with production, sustainability is the number one priority, and more than anything you can use Tide purclean on your clothes, cold water exclusively, and you will get amazing, amazing, amazing results!” The cold water is key, as the brand notes that 80% of a washer’s energy comes from heating water. Switching to washing in cold for one year can save enough energy to drive 300 miles or charge a smart phone for life! 

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