Jake Paul Calls Chris Brown Too ’Soft’ To Accept His Fight Challenge — Watch

Rapper Chris Brown still hasn't accepted Jake Paul's boxing challenge, & the YouTuber wasn't afraid to call him out in a new, EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

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Fans of Jake Paul, 22, will never forget the time he challenged rapper Chris Brown, 29, to a boxing match in August of 2018, and while the stars never duked it out, Jake isn’t ready to let this one go. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at the April 8 premiere of Justin Roberts’ new music video, he theorized why Chris won’t step up to the fight. “He’s soft man. He’s not ready for the smoke. I’m sorry,” the YouTuber told us. Watch the incredibly honest interview above!

It was after winning a match against KSI‘s brother Deji on Aug. 25, that Jake challenged the “Freaky Friday” hitmaker to a fight.“I want to call some one out,” he said after his match. “Chris Brown, I know you were supposed to fight Soulja Boy. But I think it is time you got in the ring with someone your own size,” he said.

However, the Chris Brown beef wasn’t the only thing the internet sensation told us about. He’s still riding high off of the release of his latest track, “I’m Single,” and he told us that it’s actually his favorite song he’s ever put out. That being said, he let his pal Justin have the spotlight at the premiere of his new video. “I love Justin, shout out to Justin Roberts…such a good looking kid. “Way Too Much,” out April 12th, that’s my guy, that’s a fire song. Justin Roberts got next up,” he told HollywoodLife on the red carpet.

Jake went on to address the burning question that all fans have been wondering: will he be getting in the ring with his brother, Logan Paul? Well — Jake told us he’d be down! “He said he’s down? Because I’m down. I didn’t think he was actually down,” he revealed. However, he did admit that if they both hit the ring, it might get “too serious.”

Thankfully, the YouTuber is feeling much better after his breaking his hand on March 23, leaving him with a nasty infection and completely unable to box. The star was hopeful that he will eventually be able to return to boxing. “It depends on when I throw a punch again at the bag and [I’ll] see how it hits. But, I’m scared. I’m kind of salty about it. But I still feel like I could beat 90% of these YouTuber’s asses with one hand, including KSI,” he said. “I think the only person I couldn’t beat one-handed is my brother.”

Here’s to hoping that Jake will be back in the boxing ring in no time, but for those holding out for that match with Chris, don’t hold your breath. “Chris has no clue who this Jake Paul is,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He’s not even on his radar, so he has no idea why he’s name checking him. He assumes he’s doing it just to get publicity.”