Ciara Twerks Naked In The Bathtub In Her Sexy ‘Thinkin Bout You’ Music Video – Watch

Ciara's newest music video showed her singing in a bubble bath, dancing around, and playing with the bubbles.

“Level Up” singer Ciara, 33, sang in a bubble bath for her newest music video for song “Thinkin Bout You,” and we absolutely love it! The singer’s video dropped on March 29, and the video began with the star singing full-on a capella in the nude. She looked absolutely glamorous in a high bun and bangs with a minimal makeup look.

Ciara started the video with her body almost fully submerged in the bubbles, but she playfully stood up, covered strategically by the soap, and later twerked with her booty in the air. Ciara got out of the tub, put on some white slippers with black bows, and danced around in the bathroom. She applied some pink lipstick, wore a white towel around her hair, and rocked gorgeous black and gold sunglasses, too. She even drew a cute pink lipstick heart on the bathroom mirror.

The singer then switched into a yellow crop t-shirt and tiny white short-shorts. Full of joy, Ciara ran and jumped on the couch and bed and danced in her adorable outfit. Ciara also twerked while standing on the bed. The song paused at one point when Ciara received a call from Little actress Issa Rae, 34. The two talked on the phone, then Ciara went back to singing and dancing around, and she even flew in the video, as well!

Ciara dropped the song on March 28, just one day before she released the video. The singer also announced that the full album Beauty Marks, which will be the first album following her 2015 album Jackie, will be available on May 10. But don’t just take our word for the awesome new music video – watch it above to see Ciara’s fun and flirty singing and dancing for yourself!

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