‘The Blacklist’s Coy Stewart Previews His Return: ‘Vontae Will Always Be Loyal To Red’

Vontae's back! HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Coy Stewart about Vontae's return in the March 29 episode of 'The Blacklist.' Vontae's loyalty to Red is going far beyond those prison walls.

The Blacklist
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Vontae Jones is making a comeback to help Red out during the March 29 episode of The Blacklist. The season 6 episode features Red (James Spader) and the Task Force’s hunt for legendary fugitive Robert Vesco (guest star Stacy Keach), one of history’s most notorious conmen. HollywoodLife got the chance to talk to Coy Stewart EXCLUSIVELY about what we can expect from Vontae’s return.

“I think it’s a recurring theme with Red that he takes care of the people who kind of help him out,” Coy told HollywoodLife. “So it’s nice that Vontae has kind of become a part of the family. I think that we can just expect him to be around whenever Red needs him. It’s kind of an exciting time because for the first half of the season it’s all been prison stuff and legal stuff. It’s very, very dark, so it’s really exciting to have this episode come out and see the gang celebrating and getting back to work a little bit.”

Coy also teased that being out of prison is going to be a “huge transition” for Vontae. “I’m excited to see the fans watch that transition for him,” Coy continued. “You know, he’s so young and we really don’t know what life was like before prison for him. It will be really exciting to see him out and a part of the team and a part of the family.”

Red and Vontae first teamed up in prison, and their dynamic has been compared to Batman and Robin. Red has come through for Vontae a number of times, and Vontae will never forget that. “I think that Vontae will always be loyal to Red no matter what the situation,” Coy said. As for whether or not we’ll see Vontae pop up again this season? “If ever Red needs him, Vontae will be there for sure,” Coy said. “And I’m sure vice versa.”

Working alongside James has been an incredible experience for Coy.”To be honest, it was a little bit intimidating at first,” Coy told HollywoodLife. “But once I got to set and I met him, he’s a really warm guy. I had to remind myself to focus on the work because a lot of times I would be studying him because he is just so incredible. Once we got comfortable with each other it was great, so it’s almost like our relationship on the show. He kind of has become my mentor when I’m in New York. It’s been really, really cool.” The Blacklist will air a special 2-hour episode on March 29 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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