Birdman Denies Ending Engagement With Toni Braxton & Explains What Happened To Her Lost Ring

Birdman set the record straight about reports that claimed his engagement with Toni Braxton ended back in January. In a new interview, the rapper called the split rumors 'fake,' and revealed what happened to Toni's lost engagement ring!

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Birdman, 50, and Toni Braxton, 51, are doing just fine, despite reports that claimed they ended their engagement over New Year’s. The rapper admitted that he wasn’t sure where anyone got the idea that they had split, during an interview with Wendy Williams, 54, on March 29. “I’m really, really upset, because I was invested in believing in your love with Toni. Then I found out that you broke her heart and I didn’t know what to do,” the talk show host came right out and said to Birdman.

“Where did you hear that?”, he asked, to which Wendy requested: “Can you clear this up. Is she single?” Again, Birdman played coy and asked the host where she had gotten her information from. “Social media I guess,” the rapper said, explaining that he’s not one to air his business in public. “Me, personally, I’ve never been a man that put energy into social media. It was fake,” he said. “I don’t even know how this sh-t took place. I would never be a man to bring my things to social media.”

On New Year’s Day, cryptic messages from both Toni and Birdman painted a picture that they had ended their engagement. Birdman posted and then deleted the message: “It’s over” on his Instagram back in January, and deleted all of the photos on his account. Toni followed by deleting all of her photos, except one glamorous shot of herself with the telling caption: “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year”. After their social media purges and questionable messages, multiple reports claimed the two had called it quits. Nonetheless, they never confirmed the news themselves.

Things went silent after their Instagram events, and fans were shocked when Birdman surprised Toni on stage at one of her concerts three weeks after the breakup rumors. Toni was in the middle of her set, when Birdman walked on stage and the pair shared a sweet and long embrace. She then took him by the hand and pulled him offstage so they could have a moment away from the crowd.

After Birdman cleared the air with Wendy, she said, “So you guys never broke up, you’re together,” before she hashed up the time when Toni lost her massive diamond engagement ring back in November 2018. “She told me like a week later [after she lost the ring],” Birdman admitted.

As for what happened? — “She told me the situation that happened with the airport. It was in her luggage or something at the airport and the bag was left,” he said.

“Why was she not wearing her ring at the airport?”, Wendy asked, to which he replied: “That was my question too, but it is what it is.” Birdman didn’t shed an ounce of stress over the lost ring because, “We’ll buy another one,” he told Wendy.

And, clearly, money isn’t a factor for the rapper. “Toni, she’s such a fortunate woman, a beautiful woman, but not too good with money herself,” Wendy said. But, Birdman’s got her covered. “If she had and will have any problems, I have enough money money where she’ll never have a problem,” he said.

Birdman and Toni dated for about two years before they became engaged. It’s unclear exactly when Birdman initially popped the question. However, Toni tweeted an “announcement” that she was engaged at the end of February in 2018. The two went public with their romance (after keeping things hush hush), when they appeared at the BET Awards together in 2016.

Toni was previously married to musician Keri Lewis for 12 years, before they split in 2013. They share two teen sons together — Diezel Ky, 15, and Denim Cole, 17.

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