Zac Efron Dances Shirtless To Vanilla Ice In -200 Degree Cryotherapy Chamber & Looks Ridiculously Sexy

Zac Efron hung out in a -200 cryotherapy chamber but looked sizzling hot while inside. He's wearing just a pair of shorts dancing to 'Ice Ice Baby' in a new video.

Zac Efron
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Zac Efron is recovering from knee surgery after he tore his ACL while skiing in February. As a result he’s been hitting up a cryotherapy chamber. That’s where patients stand in a room that is chilled to -200 degrees for two minutes, which devotees believe helps repair tissue, reduce inflammation and encourage body recovery. The 31-year-old actor decided to do a little dance to help stay warm during his latest session, which BTW requires cryo users to strip down to their undies or just shorts. In a great pun to the chill he was undergoing, Zac did a sexy dance while shirtless to Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby.” Thank goodness a pal was outside the chamber looking through the window to capture video of the Baywatch star getting down while flexing his sexy muscles.

It was a truly invigorating experience for Zac, who was joined by several pals during his cryo session. He let out a big joyous “Woooo!” upon exiting the chamber as dried ice followed the three guys out. Zac is unmistakable as his new nearly white platinum dyed hair can be seen over a protective ear warmer while all three guys are wearing mitts, socks and face masks that are standard for protecting extremities when using cryotherapy.

Zac broke the news to fans on Feb. 8  that he’s had a little too much fun snowboarding on all of the powder that the California mountains got with heavy winter snows. He posted an Instagram pic of himself in a hospital bed with a brace around his knee while giving a thumbs up with a super pained look on his face. Next to it he wrote “I tore my ACL shredding the gnar⛷ 😕 but all is good. I opted for surgery so I can come back stronger than ever. Thank you to Dr. Kvitne and his team at Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center. I’ll keep you updated as I heal and progress! Thanks for all the love and positivity!”

Even since then Zac has been diligent about his physical therapy and doing his PT exercises religiously. True to his word, most of his IG posts since the injury have been about his recovery. Three weeks ago he showed himself standing on one leg while bending the other in the air. “Better every day. Taking it literally, 1 step at a time…. thx for support everyone,” he wrote next to it. From the way he was able to bend his knees in his cryo dancing video, it looks like his therapy is really paying off.

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