Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Defends His Celeb Readings After John Oliver Slams Him

'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry is fighting back against John Oliver's suggestion that he Googles his subjects before doing celebrity readings. We've got what he has to say.

Tyler Henry And John Oliver
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On the Feb. 24 Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver ripped into celebrity psychics and personally name-checked Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry. The 41-year-old Emmy winner claimed that the details Tyler told Matt Lauer during a 2016 reading were things that the former newsman had already detailed in previous interviews, and suggested that Tyler, 23, could have used Google for research. Tyler’s now fighting back, telling E!’s Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy that he doesn’t even know who he’s going to be doing “hot readings” for until he meets the client in person.

“It’s actually really why I never want to know where I’m going or who I’m reading and why I put such an emphasis on information that can’t be Googled,” the E! personality revealed in a Feb. 27 interview. “In reading celebrities, public figures, there lives are on Google! So, obviously, there’s information about them.” He added that clients “aren’t tearing up” about “generic information.” Instead, they’re “tearing up and crying because they’re hearing information that’s emotional, that’s validating something to them, that they’ve not heard elsewhere.”

The HBO host pointed out during his segment on mediums that Tyler told Matt that the spirit of his late dad often accompanied the former journalist on fishing trips. The host then pointed out that Matt had spoken many times about the bond he had with his dad over father and son fishing trips in numerous past interviews  “Maybe Tyler Henry genuinely accessed the afterlife, an action which would fundamentally change our understanding of everything on Earth,” John joked “Or maybe he just Googled ‘Matt Lauer dad’ and hit the f**king jackpot.”

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