Christina Applegate Faces Off With Rude Candy In M&M’s Super Bowl Commercial

Moms are basically front seat referees, a role that Christina Applegate nails in this hilarious Super Bowl ad for M&M's! See the actress scare the spokescandies into behaving in the backseat of the car.

Christina Applegate M&M's Super Bowl Ad
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Image Credit: Courtesy of M&M's

Christina Applegate, 47, rose to fame as the rebellious teenager on Married with Children, but the tables have turned! The sitcom queen now plays the role of a frustrated mom in a Super Bowl commercial promoting M&M’s new chocolate bars. In the ad, Christina is driving a rowdy bunch of M&M’s ambassadors who are bickering in the backseat, yelling some of kids’ favorite phrases: “Ow!” and “Cut it out!” Christina then comes in with the question we’ve heard all impatient moms ask: “Ok, do I have to break you guys apart?”

Of course, the childish M&M’s don’t listen. Christina finally slams the breaks after one of the candies yells, “Stop touching me!” The blonde beauty gives the rude candies a look we hope to never see again, screaming, “If you don’t stop I will eat all of you alive right now!” Cut to the M&M’s, and they really are stuck together in the same chocolate bar. Clever marketing. “Uhh, I prefer the break us apart option,” the red M&M replies (fun fact: he’s the voice of Fry in Futurama). We’d prefer that option too, red M&M.

Don’t worry, Christina only screams at CGI M&M’s! “I would never scream at my child like that, but because it’s M&M’s it’s OK,” the actress, who shares 8-year-old daughter Sadie with husband Martyn LeNoble, told AdAge. Still, she can relate to the struggle of acting as a chauffeur to your kid: “Every day is a challenge in the car.”

Pretty funny for Christina’s first Super Bowl ad. She admitted that filming a commercial is “way more intense” than a movie to AdAge, even after starring in movies like the Anchorman series and The Sweetest Thing! To nail the roughly “30 takes” she had to do, Christina had to pull out for a day from her 11-week shoot for Dead to Me, her upcoming Netflix series. And the director of the ad is a big name himself — Craig Gillespie, who brought us I, Tonya! Serious work goes into selling these M&M’s.

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