Kendall & Kylie Jenner ‘Fully Support’ & ‘Feel Bad’ For Chris Brown After Paris Arrest

Kendall and Kylie Jenner 'feel bad' for Chris Brown after he was arrested in Paris on a rape accusation. Here's why they 'fully support' him.

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Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are standing by Chris Brown after he was arrested – and subsequently released – on a rape accusation in Paris. “They aren’t looking to talk or touch on the accusations put on Chris but they have full support for him and feel bad that he is going through all of this because they believe him,” a source close to the Jenner sisters tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Until proven differently they are standing by him because that’s what friends do.”

Another insider tells HL that “Kendall and Kylie have formed very tight bonds with both Drake and Chris Brown and they fully support them and have their backs through thick and thin.” As we previously reported, Drake has also been standing by his friend during this process.

“They have so much fun with both guys and don’t ever see them as anything but fun, nice guys,” the insider explains. “Kendall and Kylie have also had fun going out with Chris Brown and Drake and even with what’s happening with Chris, that won’t change how they view him. They know him as a really nice, chill guy and want the best for him.”

This appears to be a recurring theme amongst this friend group. Kendall and Kylie’s good pal Justin Bieber publicly showed his support to the “Freaky Friday” hitmaker with an Instagram comment. Chris shared a video on his account, and just hours after Chris was released from custody, Justin commented, ““No one can touch you ur the GOAT.”

Chris was detained by Paris police for nearly 24 hours on Jan. 21-22 after shocking allegations of rape were made against him. He was freed with zero charges. His lawyer confirmed that he plans to sue the accuser for defamation.

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