Grover Drops F-Bomb On ‘Sesame Street’ & It’s The New Blue Or White Dress Meme — What Do You Hear?

Did Grover just drop the F-bomb? Watch a recent clip from 'Sesame Street' & judge for yourself here!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Sesame Street truly does belong on HBO now! While other of the network’s shows like Veep and Game of Thrones have several characters known for their colorful language, Grover from the classic children’s show may or may not have dropped the F bomb. Honestly, it’s a tough call. In the video below, some people think Grover said, “Move the camera, yes, yes, that’s a f***ing excellent idea.” Other fans think that he’s saying, “Move the camera, yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.” Take a listen below and see what you think!

As a result, pretty much all of Twitter was torn over what they heard. JTChief82 tweeted, “Grover is the best!!! I hear it both ways. But the ‘that’s a F’n excellent idea’ is amazing. While ‘it sounds like an excellent idea’ is what he really says.” @Mwertlieb wrote, “Wondering what it says about me that I’m more freaked out about whether Grover dropped an F-bomb on Sesame Street than what caused a massive blue-green light to appear over the NYC skyline.” If you haven’t heard, the alien invasion-looking teal light in New York turned out to be a massive transformer explosion. What Grover says? Still up in the air… the less colorfully lighted air.

Meanwhile, many are hearkening back to the last divisive internet meme. The Laurel vs. Yanny debate previously raged on in May. “it’s so clearly laurel,” Chrissy Teigen tweeted at the time, adding, “I can’t even figure out how one would hear yanny.” Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling wrote, “I bought your cookbook. I loved it. And now you betray me?”

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about this. In the meantime, check out some hilarious memes from years past in our gallery above.