Safaree Samuels Gives Update On Meek Mill Beef 1.5 Yrs. After Accusing Rapper Of Jumping Him

Safaree Samuels just revealed where he stands with Meek Mill after their ongoing feud, & it's not what you would expect. See what he had to say!

Safaree Samuels Meek Mill
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We saw things get messy between Meek Mill, 31,and Safaree Samuels, 37, back in June of 2017, when Meek allegedly jumped Safaree and his crew, but now – tides have turned. In an interview with Raquel Harper, Safaree revealed that for him, it’s all water under the bridge. “You want to know, even as far as Meek, I can see in Meek even how he speaks and everything, he’s way more mature than he was even a year ago,” he said when asked about the incident. “With what he’s been through, I can tell he’s no on any BS,” he added. “So, you’re over it?” Raquel pressed. “Yeah, of course,” Safaree confirmed.

Safaree even shockingly revealed that he and Meek were recently in the same vicinity, and there was no bad blood! “When I hosted the BET pre-awards…Meek was right there. It was what it was,” he also said in the interview. “That sh*t happened. Ain’t nobody died.” While Meek has yet to speak out with an update on the situation, it looks like Safaree is definitely ready to put the past behind them!

The beef between Meek and Safaree exploded thanks to a 2017 incident where Safaree was caught on video, claiming he was jumped by Meek and his friends! In the June 23 clip, taken by a woman in her car, Safaree went OFF on an angry rant in the middle of the street. “That guy’s a f*cking p*ssy,” he shouted to one of his friends. The woman in the car then said, “He just got jumped! Damn!” Meek and his crew were nowhere in sight, but the lady’s video caption claimed that after she started recording, the group ran off.

The two rappers both dated Nicki Minaj, which was what sparked their feud to begin with. The always honest Safaree even once admitted that it was largely due to Meek that he and Nicki split. “I’m just saying, I just meant like… [Meek Mill] definitely was a big part as to why me and Nicki broke up, you know what I’m saying?” he remarked in an interview with Rap Up.

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