Tom Cruise, 56, Looks Exactly The Same As He Did 32 Years Ago On Set Of ‘Top Gun’ Sequel – See Pics

Is it 1986 again? Tom Cruise was spotted filming the 'Top Gun' sequel, and looked just like he did in the original 32 years ago! See the wild pics!

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Tom Cruise Top Gun 2
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Are our eyes deceiving us? Top Gun premiered 32 years ago, but Tom Cruise barely looks a day older than the first time he played Maverick! Tom, now 56, was spotted on the set of the highly-anticipated sequel to the 80s classic, Top Gun: Maverick, and it was positively uncanny how little he’s aged! Photos from the film’s set in Lake Tahoe, California show Tom running through the forest in his flight suit. He was also seen filming dialogue on top of a mountain that overlooks the local airport where the movie’s military plans have been landing for the shoot.

Change the haircuts and play “Danger Zone”, and Tom could be on the original Top Gun set. We know from years of seeing him do his own stunts behind the scenes for Mission: Impossible that dude’s still incredibly fit. But what fountain of youth is he drinking from? Is it the same one as Paul Rudd? Is this the work of Xenu? Just take a look at a side-by-side of Tom when he was 24 on the set of Top Gun, and Tom at 56 filming Top Gun: Maverick below. It’s so wild!

This isn’t the first photo we’ve seen from the Top Gun sequel. Tom actually released a cool pic on the first day of filming! It showed him, as Maverick, with his back to the camera. He’s wearing his iconic flight suit and has his helmet in hand while staring down a military jet. It’s titled “Feel the Need,” in all caps. We’re feeling it!

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2

Top Gun: Maverick is slated for release on June 26, 2020. It was pushed back from its original premiere date of summer 2019. We can’t wait to finally see Maverick and Iceman back on the big screen!

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