‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn Discovers Tyler’s Sister Trashed Their Old House

Catelynn and Tyler were left cleaning up his sister's mess during the Oct. 29 episode of 'Teen Mom OG', when they found out she trashed their old house before heading to rehab.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Tyler just finished dealing with Catelynn‘s own rehab stint, and now he’s being forced to deal with a similar situation involving his sister, Amber. After getting inspired by their dad, Butch‘s, rehab stint and ongoing success with his sobriety, Amber decided it was time for her to clean up her life, too, during the Oct. 29 episode of Teen Mom OG. And maybe it was just in the nick of time because when Tyler and Catelynn paid a visit to their old house, one that was recently being occupied by Amber, they found it in shambles. The lawn hadn’t been mowed in months, the yard was covered in garbage and an old bonfire pit, and the inside was absolutely disgusting. Doors had been kicked in, food was thrown all over the place, and cabinet doors were hanging off the hinges. It was heartbreaking for Tyler and Catelynn to see their first house destroyed, but on the bright side, Amber had finally entered rehab. So there’s a chance she’ll soon turn her life around. At least, that’s what Tyler, Catelynn and Tyler’s mom are all hoping for.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood‘s brother, Shawn, travelled to Los Angeles to meet baby James for the first time. Last week, it was Gary and Kristine, who were visiting the baby on the west coast, so this week, it was Shawn‘s turn. Upon arriving, Shawn had mentioned how the last time he saw Amber she was pregnant, and now she has a baby, so it was odd for him, but he also revealed that he’s never seen Amber “genuinely” happier. So she was elated to hear that. Interestingly, she mentioned how she and Andrew were drinking a lot when they first met, but since she became pregnant, they’ve kept each other clean. Shawn didn’t seem too disturbed by that, even though Amber’s a recovering addict, but as long as she’s clean, we suppose that’s all that matters.

In other Teen Mom OG news, Jen and Larry teased Bentley with the idea of enrolling him in private school, something that Maci later admitted would cost at least $25K a year for him. So, of course, she was alarmed when Bentley brought it up and told her that Jen and Larry had presented the idea to him. Not only does Maci not want Bentley to grow up thinking he’s entitled, but she also said she couldn’t afford sending Bentley to such a school, so she was upset to hear Jen and Larry had even suggested such a thing without consulting her first.

Finally, Cheyenne and Cory anxiously awaited results from Ryder‘s doctor’s appointment for her genetic disorder, VLCAD, and fortunately for them, everything turned out well. And Bristol dealt with the struggles of co-parenting with Dakota Meyer, as they worked on juggling each other’s schedules.

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