‘Charmed’ Reboot Premiere: Mel, Maggie & Macy Unite To Hunt Down Their Mother’s Killer

The 'Power Of Three' was strong during the series premiere of The CW's 'Charmed' reboot on Oct. 14, when Mel, Maggie and Macy were forced to deal with the aftermath of their mother's death.

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The CW’s Charmed reboot kicked off with a bang during the Oct. 14 series premiere, and we’re totally here for it! The episode began with Mel and Maggie Vera heading out to have some fun at a frat party. After arriving, however, their mom sent them a text, begging them to hurry home. Yet, when they got back to the house, Mel and Maggie were only met by a murder of crows and a winter-like temperature inside the house before coming across their mother’s lifeless body — it appeared as though she fell out of the attic window and landed in the same position Kim Kardashian was in when she posed for Yeezy Butter 350s and quickly became an unfortunate meme. Anyway, after Marisol’s death, the timeline moved forward three months and we were introduced to a brilliant geneticist named Macy — a secret older sister that Mel and Maggie never knew they had.

But when Macy went knocking on Mel and Maggie’s door, Mel wasn’t the most welcoming. In fact, she accused Macy of having something to do with their mother’s death. Macy then stormed out and met up with her friend Galvin at a bar. And when he demanded she go back to the house and try to talk to the girls again, she refused. She actually got so upset over the idea of it that her beer bottle when flying across the room before smashing into the wall. Freaked out by what had just happened, Macy bailed on her hangout with Galvin and apologized for being “clumsy.”

Meanwhile, Maggie couldn’t get her mind off Macy. So much so, in fact, that while she was at a sorority event, Lucy, the president of Kappa, caught her stalking Macy’s Instagram page. And then, when she was introduced to a few of the other “sisters”, she heard their thoughts. So that seems to be her power, while Mel appears to have the power to freeze things. While she was out on a coffee “date” with ex-girlfriend Niko, who happened to dump her right after Marisol died, a man tripped and nearly spilt coffee all over Mel. However, she stopped it from happening by using a power she never knew she had. She, too, freaked out and immediately left the restaurant, but she was kidnapped as soon as she stepped foot outside.

Well, all three of the girl we kidnapped — sort of. Upon waking up, Mel, Maggie and Macy found themselves tied up to chairs in the girls’ attic, while Harry Greenwood — the professor and chair of the women’s studies department at Hilltowne University — sat in front of them. Except he’s not really just a professor who took over Marisol’s job after she died. He happens to be the girls’ Whitelighter. So after they stopped screaming, Harry told the girls they’re witches — “witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom.” Maggie and Macy freaked out upon hearing the news, but Mel said it all finally made sense. Harry also told them that their mom was a witch and she was working to reinstate their powers the night she was murdered. But even so, becoming a witch was their decision, so he gave them 24 hours to think it over and their decision was to be unanimous.

Within that 24-hour period, Maggie was attacked by both a demon dog and its owner — a demon that actually took over her semi-boyfriend, Brian’s, body. That is, until she and Macy threw some weird baking soda at him at the Kappa house and the demon left his body. Maggie became so elated that she laid a big kiss on Brian’s lips. She summed it up to the “adrenaline” she felt after the attack, but Brian, who spent most of the episode pursuing her, seemed to enjoy it.

Back at the manor, the girls reminisced over old videos of Marisol, while they continued to think about whether or not they want to be witches. Maggie and Mel eventually fell asleep, but Macy stayed up all night thinking about what Harry told them about their mother’s death. She remembered that he said it was super cold inside the house, the night Marisol was killed, so Macy soon realized that it wasn’t a possessed Brian who murdered their mom.

The demon they were looking for was actually Professor Warner Thaine, who previously left a woman in a coma after allegedly assaulting her. Marisol was trying to help the comatose woman before her death, so it’s now clear that Warner killed her before she could vanquish him. As the girls came together at a rally, where people were protesting Warner’s return to campus, they attacked him after finally accepting their roles as witches.

Having killed Professor Warner Thaine, the girls returned home to contact their mom via a Ouija board. And once she replied to them, she told them, “don’t trust Harry.” What?!

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