BTS Teases A Performance At The Super Bowl ‘Someday’ & Fans Go Wild: ‘What Yoongi Wants, Yoongi Gets’

Could K-Pop sensation BTS end up as the Super Bowl halftime headliners? One of the members says that is their goal and their Army is going nuts with anticipation.

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There’s nothing more American than football, but Super Bowl fans might have to brush up on their Korean if they want to sing along to BTS. The K-Pop sensations have their sights set on the most viewed television event in the U.S. and are not afraid to dream big. The band has landed the newest cover of Time magazine for its “Next Generation Leaders” issue and one member wants the band to perform for America’s biggest viewing audience. Yoongi a.k.a. Suga, 25, is one of the three rappers in the seven man group and revealed, “I’m just throwing it out there, but maybe we could perform at the Super Bowl someday.”

Naturally the BTS ARMY responded with full support. “YOONGI SAID IT. OUR NEXT GOALS IS SUPER BOWL,” one excited fan tweeted. Another pointed out that the NFL’s greatest event is on Feb. 3 and the guys have a whole week free before the Feb. 10, 2019 Grammys so they could make it happen. “What Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets,” numerous fans tweeted while another wrote, “SUPER BOWL PERFORMANCE IS WHAT YOU’LL GET YOONGI. Our prophet has spoken. We ride at dawn.”

The ARMY is mobilizing to get BTS to be the 2019 Super Bowl halftime entertainment. “If Yoongi wants BTS to perform at the Super Bowl, then we’re going to get them to perform at the Super Bowl,” one fan tweeted. Another was so excited they wrote in all caps, “WHY IS NO ONE FLIPPING ABOUT THE ARTICLE WE NEED TO GET BTS TO PERFORM AT THE SUPER BOWL. THATS BIGGGG BIGGGGG, EVERYONE F**KING TALKS ABOUT THE HALF TIME PERFORMANCE. EVERYONEEEEE, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FANS WE COULD GAIN?? DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY OUR BOYS WOULD GET?” Yep, they’ve got the most devoted fans in music today.

One fan pointed out the brutal reality that the American general public doesn’t know much about BTS and that their fanbase is almost exclusively young women. Not the adult men that make up the bulk of the NFL viewing audience. “I honestly believe that if BTS has a gp hit that is universally liked by all ages and genders like a rap title track that actually receives radio play that the gp will appreciate the raps and if they do perform at the Super Bowl at least their music will be more known by men,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “I’m seeing so many international armys saying they will support BTS x Super Bowl. Please as an American ARMY that would be the worst f**king thing ever that would just make the boys targets for ugly old racist men.” Since the guys sing primarily in Korean, that fan is preaching a sad reality.

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