‘This Is Us’ Star Hannah Zeile: Milo Ventimiglia’s A ‘Father Figure’ On Set & ‘So Much Like’ Jack

'This Is Us' returns for its third season on Sept. 25. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Hannah Zeile about working with Milo Ventimiglia, who is 'seriously so much like Jack,' as well as season 3!

Are you ready to cry again? This Is Us is back for season 3 on Sept. 25. Our beloved Pearsons will be returning in the past, present, and future. Hannah Zeile, who plays young Kate, has worked with Emmy nominee Milo Ventimiglia in a number of pivotal scenes on This Is Us. Hannah admitted that she’s learned so much from Milo over the course of the past 3 seasons. “I think that Milo is so extremely talented and that’s what I love about such talented people is that they really raise the bar, so I think that I’ve grown just by working with him,” Hannah told HollywoodLife. “I love all the scenes that we get to do together. I think that Milo and I have a really good relationship off camera as well. I think it really come across in the father daughter relationship with Jack and Kate.” She also said that he’s “living breathing advice” because of the example he sets. “He’s so talented and has done so much in this industry, and he’s so humble and kind,” Hannah said. “He treats everyone with respect, and he goes out of his way to memorize everyone’s name on the call sheet as soon as he gets it. He’s just one of a kind. I really don’t know that many people who are so genuine and truly put others before themselves, except Jack Pearson, I guess.”

The world has fallen in love with Jack Pearson while watching This Is Us, and Hannah noted that Milo is just as loved offscreen as he is onscreen. “I think it comes off so authentically onscreen because he seriously is so much like Jack Pearson and such a father figure,” Hannah continued. “They call him ‘papa bear’ on set. He’s very much just a father figure. He really looks out for everyone. He takes care of everyone. He’s always putting everyone else before himself. He’s just a true gentleman and a really great guy and I think everyone can feel that from him.”

As for what’s ahead for teen Kate in season 3, Hannah stayed tight-lipped. “I literally cannot say anything,” she said. “Our lips are so sealed. I mean, obviously, I am in this next season. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming for sure. Im already excited.”

The second season really revolved around Jack’s death and what caused it. Hannah noted that addressing Jack’s death changed the “whole viewpoint of the show,” but there are still so many more stories to tell. “I think that definitely just changed the whole viewpoint of the show because it’s such a pivotal moment and basically the whole show is based upon life before jack’s death and life after Jack’s death,” she said. “It was not necessarily a relief, but we just worked up so much momentum to this moment and took it so seriously when we filmed all the fire things and the funeral like that full 3-part heartbreaking episodes. I think it’s nice that all the viewers have that peace now, but there’s still more to learn about the Pearsons and more to their stories. There’s definitely still more to cover.”

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