Kendall Jenner ‘Violated & Angry’ After Nude Pics Leak — She’s Trying To Ignore The Trolls

If having her nude pics leaked weren’t bad enough, the hateful comments about Kendall Jenner’s body left her feeling incredibly hurt! Instead of being dragged down, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned she’s ‘rising above’ the hate.

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This was not the way that Kendall Jenner, 22, wanted to break the Internet. While the model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is no stranger to nudity, seeing her nude photo shoot for Russell James’s upcoming book get leaked online left her feeling “violated and angry,” a source close to Kendall EXCLUSIVELY shares with “She worked hard on the photos with the photographer and it took her a lot of courage to pose nude. So, she is furious that the pics may have been stolen or released without permission.”

If seeing the stolen photos online wasn’t bad enough, the body shaming that came afterwards was even worse! Though some fans thought she looked amazing and “athletic,” others said she was too skinny and needed a sandwich! “It hurts Kendall when she reads what the bullies and trolls online write about her, her body and her family,” a source close to the Kardashian EXCLUSIVELY tells “She hates when strangers try to bring her down or make her feel bad about her life.”

“Kendall often struggles with anxiety,” the source tells, “and reading mean comments really stings and only makes things worse. So, she does her best to ignore the negative energy and hate in the world. Her mom and sisters taught her a long time ago how to unplug from social media and to ignore the critics. Kendall does her best to follow their advice and to rise above it all.” Plus, if she needs any help in feeling better about this whole scandal, her recent love interest, Anwar Hadid, 19, was left “drooling” over the photos, and seeing her artistic nudity left him wanting her even more than he already did.

It’s good to know that with those signature Kardashian/Jenner cheekbones, her genetics provide her with a thick enough skin to handle her haters. It seems that Kendall is indeed handling this scandal in stride. A day after the nude photoshoot — which featured her riding at horse while completely naked — leaked online, Kendall trolled her own trolls by sharing a video of her riding on top of another horse. It was a masterful case of subtle trolling, showing that nothing anyone can say is going to stop her from living her best life.

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