Scott Eastwood Makes X-Rated Confessions About His Sex Life & He’s Having ‘Lots Of It’

Scott Eastwood revealed a whole lot about his dating life & how he's having 'lots of sex'! Read about his shocking confession here!

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Scott Eastwood
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Scott Eastwood just opened up WIDE about how he’s “single, dating and having sex, lots of it” in a new episode for his podcast Live Life Better, in which he interviewed Emily Morse, a sex and relationship expert. Of course, when it comes to whether he’s getting it on with just one person or multiple partners, Scott said it “depends when you ask me.” Whoa, that’s quite the admission. Watch the entire podcast episode below!

Continuing his discussion with Emily, Scott went on to say that sex is “the most natural thing we as humans do.” He also advocated that women should never feel “ashamed or embarrassed about your sex life.” He added, “Instead of embracing sexual culture, women put each other down.” However, all of this talk about sex came with a little bit of disclaimer. Scott also went on to say, “It is so important to have healthy sex, safe sex, and to be comfortable with yourself.”

Recently, Scott caused quite the stir by being seen out and about with none other than Katie Holmes on Monday July 23. While some fans jumped to the conclusion that this might be a romantic excursion, based on the fact Katie was seen with Jamie Foxx that very same day and that Scott’s meeting with Katie was over lunch at the restaurant Shutters in the Beach hotel, it seems like it was pretty innocuous, business meal.

We’ll keep you posted on all the newest revelations about Scott’s dating exploits. In the meantime, check out all of his pics in the gallery above.