‘Quantico’ Recap: Ryan Struggles With His Feelings For Alex

Ryan may be married to Shelby, but that doesn't mean his feelings for Alex have gone away. After a close call during the May 3 episode, Ryan finds himself conflicted about Alex.

Priyanka Chopra
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It’s back to work for the Quantico crew! After a group of people die from tuberculosis following exposure at a restaurant, Alex and the team hunt down who is responsible for this act of bioterrorism. There’s another girl, Gracie, out there likely infected, and they have to find her before she spreads the disease. There’s also the chance that the antibodies in her blood could be the cure.

Once Alex and Harry get a hold of Gracie, they encounter gunfire on the way back. Gracie goes missing in the midst of the chaos. Meanwhile, Ryan is forced to go undercover in a white supremacist militia to get to the bottom of the bioweapon attack. Within the militia, Ryan meets Mike, who will later join the team.

While Ryan is undercover, he has to beat up Owen to prove his loyalty. It’s a brutal scene to watch, and Ryan cries while he punches Owen. While Alex is talking to Harry about Andrea and her life in Italy, she starts throwing up blood. She’s been infected! Despite her weakened state, Alex is able to fight off a group of men and save Gracie. Ryan, Owen, and the rest of the team take down another militia member before he wreaks havoc on New York City with a new pathogen.

In the next scene, Alex is in the hospital. Ryan is by her side. He’s angry at her for staying when she was supposed to go back to her life in Italy. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him. “Don’t ever do that again,” she says. He apologizes, but you know he doesn’t mean it. In the final moments of the episode, Alex meets Michael. I saw the way Ryan glanced at Michael and Alex. Do I sense a love triangle brewing?

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