Offset Officially Served With DNA Test By Celina Powell: She’s Certain He’s Her Baby Daddy

A month after giving birth, Celina Powell is ready to prove Offset is the father of her baby girl. She EXCLUSIVELY reveals how she served the Migos star the DNA test and how she’s certain he’ll have to ‘pay’ up.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Who needs Maury Povich when you can get the job done yourself? Celina Powell gave birth to daughter Karma on March 23. Less than four weeks later, with a little bit of trickery, she EXCLUSIVELY tells that she was able to serve Offset, 26, with the paperwork that demands he take a DNA test. With Cardi B, 25, set to give birth to Offset’s child in a few months, this is the last thing that the Migos star wants to deal with right now. However, after dodging the test before, it sounds like he has no choice!

The Migos star might be in for a legal nightmare if he refuses the test – or if, it turns out, he really IS the father. Did you serve Offset with a court ordered paternity test this weekend?

Celina Powell: Yup, he was shook. I was on Live but the wifi was messed up I guess. Kenny and Danny [Zook] (his managers) were pissed off. They threw the papers on the floor but I think he took the test. So now I ‘ve got to wait. It was all court ordered and they stayed here an extra day, so I think it was to take the test.

HL: How did you get it done?

CP: Offset was in town for a concert, near where I live in Colorado, and I pretended to be the venue’s manager. I acted like I was the promoter and called up Danny on his team to find out when they will be at the venue and Danny’s stupid ass really believed me and told me when they was five minutes away.

HL: Do you think Cardi knew any of this was happening?

CP: No, it was only the Migos, the 2 managers, their DJ and some other woman. The other people unloading the car, it all happened really fast. Plus they missed their flight and were late to the show so they were like rushing and the sheriff just gave him the papers and he threw them and kept walking. Some guy I don’t know picked them up and walked in. I don’t know if he’s a part of his crew though.

HL: Wow, so the Sheriff was involved. Offset was for sure served then?

CP: For sure served!

HL: So now what? He has 30 days to respond or you win by default?

CP: Yup, so I know he’s gonna do it. Because in his mind, he thinks I am lying. DNA cases are closed cases so he probably thinks it’s going to come out negative and I am going to post it and he can say I faked it or something and have no proof. But watch it come out positive and he will have to pay me!

Despite Celina’s constant claims that Offset knocked her up, he has generally ignored her – except for the cease and desist notice his lawyers gave her at the end of 2017. Offset’s legal team accused Celina of attempting to extort him, and they said they would sue her for “defamation and to recover compensatory and punitive damages” if she continued to make such claims. Celina’s reply to this? “I aint cease and desisting SH*T,” she tweeted. “[Offset] tell ya lawyer suck my d*ck the way I sucked yours.” Well, in 30 days, the world will see who’s really telling the truth.

UPDATE: Celina confirms to EXCLUSIVELY that Offset took the DNA test. “Offset did the test!!! The lady at Labcorp called me and we should have the results in one week,” she told us.