JoJo Siwa Paints Kids’ Choice Awards Rainbow During A Sweet Three-Song Mashup — Watch

JoJo Siwa's done it again! The bow-haired singer brought the house down with her epic performance of THREE songs! Watch her epic, rainbow-bright performance here!

How awesome was that? JoJo Siwa, 14, just made history as the youngest person to ever perform at the Kids’ Choice Awards! The singer and Dance Moms alum rocked it out, performing three hit songs in one incredible mashup: “Bubble Gum”, “Hold the Drama”, AND “Boomerang”. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Her performance was sugary-sweet, basically the physical embodiment of  Lisa Frank school supplies.

JoJo rocked a rainbow tutu, a sparkly top, and a giant, rainbow bow on top of her head. She danced it out with a team of backup dancers on a stage decorated by rainbows, unicorns, hearts, and stars. Honestly, we’ve never seen anything cuter than this performance. JoJo Siwa is our new queen, forever and ever! Oh, btw — she got totally SLIMED in the middle of her mashup, too!

You want to hear something shocking? JoJo told Entertainment Tonight during rehearsals for the Kids’ Choice Awards that she’s considering giving up her signature hair bows! JoJo never goes anywhere without a massive bow in her hair, so this is major.  “I don’t ever want to say that the bow will go, because the bow will always be a piece of my life,” she said. “The side ponytail will always be a piece in my life. I mean, I’ve done it for 14 years now. I think eventually as I get older, things will change and maybe it won’t be a side ponytail and a bow but maybe bow earrings, or I have a bow ring on right now. I think the side ponytail and bow will eventually go, unfortunately. It’s so sad to think about. I love it so much.”

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