Lea Michele Claps Back At Wild Theory That She’s Illiterate In A Tweet That’s Simply Perfect

Lea Michele has FINALLY responded to rumors claiming she can't read or write. Read her epic clap back here!

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When it comes to celebrities, some fans come up with the wildest conspiracies. For instance, there’s a theory that Tupac is still alive, or the most recent one that claims Lea Michele, 31, is illiterate. The strange conjecture, developed by fans Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman, became a viral sensation on March 21, and Lea has thankfully stepped in to put the rumors to rest. “Loved READING this tweet and wanted to WRITE you back, literally laughing out loud at all this. love you!!!!” the Glee star tweeted on March 22. That’s certainly the best clap back we’ve ever heard. We’re glad Lea didn’t take it too seriously.

However, the theory is pretty comical. Jaye and Robert are convinced that, since Lea’s acting career took off when she was just a girl, she never learned how to read and write. They even went on to suggest that her lines are given to her verbally, and that’s how she memorizes them. Interesting, right? And although a lot of fans jumped on the #leamicheleilliterate bandwagon, some of her fans were enraged. “The Lea Michele can’t read meme is not funny. Imagine being so bored with your life that you make up something that huge about someone who doesn’t give a sh*t about you,” one user tweeted. Yikes!


Nevertheless, Lea is clearly unbothered. In fact, she has been vacationing in Hawaii with her family. She has shared a series of adorable photos including a pic with her mother Edith Sarfati. “I will never forget this amazing trip we took together. I love you mom,” she captioned the Instagram of herself and Edith sharing a sweet embrace. And, we have reason to believe she wrote it herself.

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