Jayne Atkinson: 5 Things To Know About The Actress Who Plays Mysterious ‘TWD’ Character

Jayne Atkinson's enigmatic character Georgie was introduced on the March 18 episode of 'The Walking Dead.' So, who is Jayne and what's her character up to? Here's what we know!

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Jayne Atkinson
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1. Jayne plays Georgie on The Walking DeadGeorgie made her first appearance on the show during the March 18 episode. Maggie, Michonne, and Enid crossed paths with Georgie, who was very well-dressed for being in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Georgie had two guards with her, Hilda and Midge.  “What you have is special, unusual,” Georgie later told Maggie. “What the dead have done is brought out the best and worst in us. Right now the worst is winning. But it won’t forever. Perhaps if people can believe in people again.” Georgie gave Maggie a book she called “the key.” She continued: “Windmills, grain, lumber, aqueducts. A book of Medieval human achievements so that we can rebuild our future from our past.” Georgie added, “To be clear, this isn’t a gift. It’s a barter. I’ll be back and by then I expect great things.”

2. She was going to keep her role on the show a secret from her son, but she just couldn’t! Jayne’s son, Jeremy, is a huge fan of the show. She wasn’t going to tell him about her top secret role, but he said he wasn’t going to watch the show because he was starting his freshman year of school. “And so I had to say, ‘Well, wait a minute. You have to. I’m going to be on it, but you can’t tell a soul,'” Jayne revealed to ComicBook.com.

3. Fans think Jayne’s character is a very important character from the comics. Almost immediately after Jayne first showed up on The Walking Dead, fans started theorizing that Georgie is actually Pamela Milton from The Walking Dead comics. Pamela is the leader of the Commonwealth. There’s definitely a similarity there, so the fans could be right!

4. You probably recognize Jayne from House of Cards and 24Jayne is best known for the role of Karen Hayes on 24. She also played U.S. Secretary of State Catherine Durant on the Netflix series House of Cards.

5. Georgie will be back. Jayne is being very coy about her character’s future, but she does think Georgie will make good on her word and pop up again soon. “She says she’ll be back, I’m going to take her at her word,” Jayne told EW.

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