Hope Hicks: Did A Love Triangle Lead To Her Losing Her White House Job? New Report Gives Evidence

Hope Hicks' previously involvement with Corey Lewandowski may have had some serious ramifications in her recent relationship with Rob Porter! Check out the wild report about Hope's love triangle here!

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Hope Hicks Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter
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Apparently, some serious romantic drama went down in the Trump administration. Outgoing White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, 29, and ex-White House secretary Rob Porter, 40, may be completely over, but it might be largely due to the machinations of one Corey Lewandowski, 44, former campaign manager to the president. In an interview with New York magazine, Porter’s second ex-wife said that Porter was desperately trying to get her to remove a blog post accusing him of alleged physical abuse because he was afraid someone was “going to send it to the media.”  She added, “He did not name names, but he implied that there was a former staffer from the White House who was unhappy with him and was out to get him and take him down and somehow had gotten wind of my blog post.” Originally, she assumed the ousted staffer was Steve Bannon, but later told New York magazine it was Corey.

Now, here’s where it gets even stranger. Corey and Hope had been involved before having their own dramatic split after a May 2016 fight had her screaming, “I am done with you!” And according to sources, a vengeful Corey was emotionally invested in finding out who Hicks was dating in an obsessive kind of way. According to New York magazine, one source claimed he had “Single White Male characteristics,” another claimed he thinks he should “control” Hicks; another said he had “raw feelings” about the breakup. Well, following revelations of his alleged domestic abuse and that he couldn’t pass an FBI background test, Rob resigned and he and Hope split. However, the New York magazine piece makes it clear that the real reason Hope resigned was over her personal unhappiness working in the White House.

While she reportedly considered quitting on earlier occasions, she finally resigned the day after she told investigators that she told “white lies” on the behalf of the president. Click here to see pics Hope and Melania Trump’s fashion!