‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: A Fan-Favorite Couple Gets Engaged After Romantic Proposal

So exciting! Two of our favorite characters became engaged during the March 15 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'! Find out who in our recap.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC

Following last week’s kiss between Maggie and Jackson, Maggie acted like a complete nut in front of her future boyfriend during the March 15 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only did she drop her coffee upon running into Jackson at the hospital, but she also stuttered after he asked her how her day was going. Real smooth, Maggie. Later, while discussing a heart patient of hers, Jackson tried asking Maggie to go on a dinner date with him. She was too busy, so he just handed her an apple — “you need to eat, right?” he asked. They eventually met up at Joe’s bar, during which they flirted, got to know each other, and agreed to finally go on a date with each other. Yay for them!

Meanwhile, Meredith was busy trying to get to the bottom of Marie Cerone’s feud with Ellis. Apparently, Marie was left “broken” after Ellis won her second Harper Avery Award and didn’t acknowledge that Marie helped her achieve it. So Marie was all for giving Meredith the patent to her procedure, but under one condition — she wanted Meredith publicly apologize to her, on behalf of Ellis, and rename the procedure “The Grey Cerone Method”. When Meredith went to Richard to find out what he knew, he said he didn’t believe Marie and felt she was lying. But Alex told Meredith to put herself in Marie’s shoes — he asked if Cristina were to do the same thing, would should ever forgive her. Meredith said no, which helped her look at the situation from a different perspective. Regardless, Meredith told Marie that she didn’t want to get in the middle of her mom’s drama. And because of that, Marie left the hospital without helping Meredith.

And Alex was thrown for a loop, when he discovered Jo has been applying to fellowships outside of Seattle. It affected Alex so much that he started doubting love itself. When a teen refused to get a heart transplant because he feared his new heart wouldn’t love his boyfriend the way he already did, Alex told him that the brain is what produces chemicals that lead to feelings of love… and those fade over time. Upon hearing that, Jo looked at him with sadness. They later fought over her wanting to advance her career, and him being insecure about her wanting to leave Seattle. Meredith told Alex it was a good thing for Jo, but he struggled to see it the same way. Fortunately, he eventually came around to it all, and just in the nick of time, as once he returned home, Joe got down on one knee and proposed to Alex (with the ring he already brought for her) while declaring, “You are my home and you are my heart.” She also said she didn’t want to go anywhere unless it was with him. Aww!

Finally, Tom Koracick helped April acknowledge her “crisis of faith”. Apparently, she hates God so much she wishes he were dead. But Tom got through to April a bit when he revealed that his 10-year-old suddenly died when he got hit with a baseball bat. So sad. She didn’t open up about the loss of her own child, but we think she made a bit of progress this week. Fingers crossed that she’ll come out of this slump before her eventual exit from the series.

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