Snapchat Filters Inspiring Plastic Surgery — Would You Spend $2,000 To Look Perfect?

You and your friends probably send filtered pics every day but can looking 'perfect' all the time be addicting? See why social media filters are pushing people to plastic surgery!

snapchat filters plastic surgery
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat

I’ll admit it, I love a good Snapchat or Instagram filter. I’ve even dabbled with FaceTune. But making yourself look airbrushed and flawless can have consequences. You might not be happy with your appearance anymore when you look in the mirror. This filter-obsessed phenomenon is very real and it’s happening more and more in 2018. Dr. Matthew Schulman, a NYC-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, tells EXCLUSIVELY: “There are several Snapchat filters that are commonly used to improve selfies and is one of the reasons why Snapchat remains so popular. Users specifically like the filters that smooth and refine the skin. Other popular filters give an improved glow to the skin. People [come to my office and will] often show these photos to demonstrate how they wish to look. The usual treatment in this situation would be skin care using medical grade topical products, lasers, peels, botox and fillers.”

This isn’t just skin deep — you need to reach deep into your pockets to look airbrushed in real life. Dr. Schulman says, “The cost will depend on exactly what you want, but can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  While some filters alter the appearance of the skin, others alter the deeper structures. For example, several filters make the lips fuller, eyes rounder, cheekbones stronger, and nose more refined. Plumping the lips and making the cheekbones stronger can be achieved with fillers. Also, careful placement of botox around the eyes can open them up and make them appear larger and rounder. Fillers can also be carefully placed in the nose to perform a non-surgical nose-job. The cost will depend on how much filler and toxin is required and can range between $800 and $2000.”

HollywoodLifers, would you try botox of fillers to look filtered in real life?

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