‘TWD’s Chandler Riggs: Saying Goodbye To Judith Was The Most Painful Final Scene

As far as final scenes go, the moment Carl has to say goodbye to his baby sister, Judith, on 'The Walking Dead' is one for the books -- and Chandler Riggs agrees.

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Chandler Riggs, 18, gave a phenomenal performance in the mid-season eight premiere of The Walking Dead. Carl Grimes was forced to say goodbye to everyone he loves on the episode, including his sister, Judith (played by twins Chloe & Sophia Garcia-Frizzi). In a post-mortem interview with EW, Chandler reveals that of all the scenes he filmed for the episode it was the Judith scene that hit him the hardest. “The goodbye scene with Judith, I think, is always going to get me, just because of how depressing some of the stuff I was saying was,” Chandler explained during the interview. “I remember when I read the script, I was like, ‘Gosh, I’m going to have to say all that?’ It was definitely not a scene that I was excited for. Like, when he’s talking about his mom telling him that he was going to beat this world, and he didn’t. All of that stuff, is just so, so sad.”

The scene was definitely a tear jerker for TWD fans who were watching Carl wither away as the episode continued. Not only did Carl have to say goodbye to Judith, but he also passed down Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) sheriff’s hat to her. Here’s exactly what Carl said to Judith through tears: “You be good, okay? For Michonne… and for dad. You gotta honor when somebody tells you stuff. You don’t have to always. Sometimes kids gotta show their parents the way. This was dad’s before it was mine. Now it’s yours. I don’t know, just having it meant I’d always kept dad with me. It made me feel as strong as him. It helped me, maybe it’ll  help you, too. Before mom died she told me that I was gonna beat this world. I didn’t, but you will. I know you will.”

Prior to going underground during the Saviors attack, Carl spent his last day alive making memories with Judith. A few quick scenes in the beginning of the episode showed Carl taking pictures with Judith, planting crops, and even leaving bright blue paint handprints on their front porch.

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