Robert Pattinson: Why He Desperately Wants ‘The Bond’ He Shares with Kristen Stewart In His Life

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart went their separate ways after 'Twilight.' We've got EXCLUSIVE details on how he wants to rekindle the bond they once shared.

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson
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By the time the fourth and final Twilight movie dropped, Robert Pattinson, 31, and Kristen Stewart, 27, seemed SO over the mania surrounding the film franchise and their love life. Especially after K-Stew’s 2012 cheating scandal. While they’ve kept their distance over the years since, Rob is looking to reconnect with his former love. Rob finds his friendship with Kristen very important. They went through so much together and he knows he will forever be tied to her and wants to always be friendly with her. They might not talk everyday, they will not get back together romantically and they may not hang out all the time. But he appreciates the bond they have and is always finding it important nowadays to make her a friend for life and repair any animosity they may have had with each other, a source close to the actor tells EXCLUSIVELY.

The pair was spotted by fans allegedly grabbing drinks together on Silverlake’s Edendale bar on Feb. 11. Several users took to Twitter to share the sighting, making Robsten fans go wild. While he’s single again after breaking up with fiancee FKA Twigs, 30, in Oct. of 2017, Kristen is still very much together with girlfriend Stella Maxwell, 27. After years of seeming to avoid each other — even keeping their distance when trapped together on the same July 2017 overseas flight — the ice seems to be melting and their relationship is finally turning friendly again.

“He is more mature from the Twilight days and is finally realizing the importance of that moment in time. They shared something no one ever feels or usually shares and the power of that is something he will cherish forever. He looks forward to being a part of her life in one way shape or form because it is the important things in life that Rob wants to rely on. And family and friendships are clearly on the top of that list,” insider source adds. It’s been six long years since Breaking Dawn came out, so its about time that Rob and Kristen have put aside any bitterness and letting their friendship grow back.

HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s healthy to be friends with your ex?

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