Robby Lee Dies At 24: Evanescence’s Amy Sadly Says Goodbye To Her ‘Irreplaceable’ Brother

Robby Lee, the brother of Evanescence leader Amy, has died at just 24 years old. Read her heartbreaking tribute to him here.

Amy Lee And Robby Lee
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Image Credit: Amy Lee/Twitter

“Today I said goodbye to one of my best friends in life, one of my favorite people on earth, my irreplaceable little brother, Robby,” Amy Lynn Hartzler, 36, of the rock band Evanescence wrote on Facebook Jan. 11. “If you knew my family, you knew him. He was the absolute best of us, everybody’s favorite, our hero.” She went on to explain that Robby suffered from epilepsy since he was a child. He lost his life at 24 years old on January 5, 2018.

Tragically, this is the second time Amy has lost a sibling at a young age — she had a younger sister named Bonnie who died at 3 years old in 1987 from an unknown illness. Our hearts go out to Amy and the rest of Robby’s loves ones during this difficult time.

Read the rest of Amy’s tribute below, and Robby’s obituary can be found here.

He inspired and influenced so many people. He was incredibly kind, loving, thoughtful, generous, witty, hilarious, selfless. He loved music. He loved animals. He loved people. More than anything he loved us, and he always showed us. Robby battled severe epilepsy since he was 7 and we always knew our time together was precious- he loved like every day could be the last. He always told us he loved us, every single time we were together. May we all live like that- don’t waste any time. I love him more than I could ever say in words, and I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. He will always be such a huge part of me. Sweet dreams, Rob. I know we’ll be together again in heaven. And I’ll see you in my dreams.

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