‘Marvel’s Runaways’: Alex’s Father’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him & It Has Dire Consequences

Who kidnapped Alex? And what do they want? We find out these answers and more on this week's shocking episode of 'Marvel's Runaways'!

Eighteen years ago, Alex’s father, Geoff (Ryan Sands), was in prison still, and his now-wife, Catherine (Angel Parker) was his attorney. One day, a man comes to visit him with an offer he can’t refuse: $5 million for a crappy, abandoned strip mall in Compton that his late uncle left him. What’s the catch? That’s what Geoff and Catherine want to know. So they set up a deal. Geoff gets his best friend in prison, Darius (DeVaughn Nixon), to take the fall for the crime he committed, so he can get out of jail in a month. In exchange, he’ll take care of his family for life! Now we know who kidnapped Alex (Rhenzy Feliz). Darius is about to show him who his “father really is.”

Nico (Lyrica Okano) has a plan, of course. She and the girls are going to track down Alex with the help of that magic wand thing that they’re not quite sure how it works. It starts shooting lasers though, which they’ve determined are a heat map of where the van went. One problem: Chase (Gregg Sulkin) isn’t answering his phone. Where the hell is he?? Bonding with dear old dad, actually. Those fist-icons he was so proud of in the last episode are actually pretty intriguing, and it’s changed dad’s whole persona. He actually apologizes to Chase for, you know, beating him constantly. He tells him “I want you to be greater at things in life than I have.”

We find out that Alex’s dad went back on his promise and never gave Darius a damn penny. That’s why Darius took Alex to Compton, to see what his dad turned his back on. As soon as Geoff finds out, he arrives to the scene packing heat. And so do the rest of the kids. The girls all roll up in Karolina’s (Virginia Gardner) Mini Cooper to save Alex with some unconventional methods. Molly (Allegra Acosta) tries lifting the car, Karolina uses her rainbow lasers, and Chase arrives to blast the bad guys with his hand cannons. It’s super effective!

Darius attempts to murder the pack of teens (good thinking, dude), but Nico uses the magic wand to shield them from harm, just like her mother did in the cult library-cave-thing. They’re safe, and manage to run off Darius, who’s understandably freaked out by this pack of cute weirdos. Alex is distraught that Andre, a kid their own age, was shot in the firefight, and knows that something’s fishy when his dad said he’s taking him for help. Alex would be right there — his dad’s bringing Andre to Pride as their new sacrifice.

While the gang tries valiantly to stop their parents, it turns out they’re one step ahead. They’ve brought Andre and the weird pod to the same room where the fish-man from The Shape of Water lives connected to his Bane mask. This time, the transfer (or whatever’s happening) works. We don’t get to see it, though, because Karolina’s mother (Annie Wersching) is freaky and makes everyone leave the room. We immediately find out why, though. The person (being? entity?) formerly credited as “Mysterious Man” has a name, Jonah (Ric Sarabia). Oh, and he’s the man who gave Geoff $5 million for the strip mall at the top of the episode. What the hell is going on here?

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