Andy Grammer Reveals Why Baby Daughter Was Named Louisiana & A Tour Bus Was Involved

Andy Grammer's daughter, Louisiana, has sweet meaning behind her name. The singer revealed to us exclusively it may even have something to do with her conception!

Andy Grammer at HollywoodLife for podcast
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Andy Grammer, 33, became a new dad four months ago after his wife, Aijia Lise, gave birth to their first child, a baby daughter named Louisiana K Grammer, on July 28. Since then, the singer’s life has been “incredible” — mainly because his daughter is the “best part” of it! Speaking with EXCLUSIVELY for our podcast, Andy revealed where his little girl’s unique name came from, and how it’s filled with precious meaning. You’ll absolute love his nickname for her too! Listen to Andy Grammer’s podcast interview in full HERE!

“She’s the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. It’s really great,” Andy told us during the recording of his podcast episode last month. “It’s the best part of life.” Bringing up the baby’s unique name, one of HollywoodLife‘s own, Gino Orlandini, asked Andy if she was named in a similar vain as Brooklyn Beckham — is it “about where she was conceived? Louisiana?” Gino probed. Getting super candid, Andy admitted, “I honestly do think that she might have been conceived on a tour bus in Louisiana,” LOL. However, the reason they chose Louisiana for a name is much deeper than that. “My wife’s family is from Louisiana,” the new father explained. “That sort of sweet thing.” Click here to see adorable pics of celeb dads with their kids.

As for his daughter’s middle name? Grab a tissue! Louisiana’s middle name is simply “K.” “Just the letter K,” he said. “It’s from my mom, Kathy, who passed away.” Talk about a beautiful tribute! “So sweet, right?” Andy continued. “Every time you say Louisiana K, it’s like right there.” But Andy and Aijia don’t always call their little one by her full name. In fact, she has a just as meaningful nickname that’s as adorable as it is special. “We call her Louie a lot, mostly,” the singer/songwriter gushed. “There’s so good many reasons [why]. The song that we sing, my wife’s a singer as well, is ‘What a Wonderful World’ [by] Louie Armstrong. So, we love to call her Louie. It’s such a cute name.”

Andy also revealed that while there’s a “lot of love” behind what they call their daughter, his own name isn’t so significant. “I’m pretty sure I asked my dad, ‘What’s the meaning of my name?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, I just kinda liked it,'” the star laughed. “Yeah, it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is sweet to have all these little things that she’ll know.” And to make sure Louisiana doesn’t forget the importance of her moniker, Andy and Aijia created something special for her. “In her room we have a little name wall of all the kind of inspirations for it,” Andy said. SO cute!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — what do you think of Andy and Aijia’s reason for choosing their daughter’s name? Are you a fan of Louisiana as a name?

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