‘Step Up: High Water’ Exclusive: Terrence Green Opens Up About His Brother’s Tragic Death

In this EXCLUSIVE video, 'Step Up: High Water' star, Terrence Green, reveals how his brother's heartbreaking death led him down the path of success he is continuing to follow.

Terrence Green just shared the truly devastating story of what happened to his brother and how it affected his course in life. HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVE video of Terrence sharing his story, which will bring you to tears. The good news? It has a very happy ending. “I just started going. I ended up booking a role on ‘Footloose.’ Happy as shit. My mom’s happy. Everyone’s happy. Then out of nowhere… my brother dies,” Terrence tells us, through tears. “That’s probably like the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I  had locked myself in the house, I had nightmares. I felt like everything was just falling apart. That’s when I realized that when you lose somebody close to you, you start to value life more.”

Terrence continues,”One day I went to church and I started to see the light. I just know my life involved making stories come to life. After church I go to this diner and I had a nervous breakdown. It’s so bad I can’t even hide it, I mean, tears just coming down. Some lady comes in and she’s like, ‘Terrence?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah?’ She’s like, ‘I know you don’t know me but I just want to say keep going. Something’s gonna work for you.'” This is where Terrence’s story takes a turn upwards: he gets the call that Step Up: High Water is going to cast him. “I walked inside, I got in the car… two seconds later my phone rings: ‘Step Up’ wants you.” The video then shows Terrence on his cell phone being filmed by a friend who is telling him, “You deserve it, man!” And deserve it he definitely does. Make sure you watch the rest of the EXCLUSIVE video above to learn more about Terrence’s journey!

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