‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fall Finale: Jo & Her Abusive Husband Come Face-To-Face

Oh no! Just when we thought things couldn't get worse amidst the computer hacking at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Jo was ambushed by her abusive husband during the Nov. 16 fall finale.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC

We thought that hose of blood splattering all over Jackson and Maggie in the helicopter was going to be the most jaw-dropping moment during the Nov. 16 fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but then — in the last 30 seconds — Jo ran right into her abusive husband… in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! And guess what? He seemed to know all about her new identity. She, however, stopped dead in her tracks, unable to mutter a word. His sight alone was enough to scare the crap out of her, and she nearly fainted as the episode faded to black, giving fans one of the best cliffhangers the series has ever given us!

We’re still shaking over that awkward run-in, but a lot happened before the closing scene, so let us rewind a bit and give you a play-by-play. Before the hospital’s computer system was hijacked by an anonymous hacker, Meredith was complaining about how her Harper Avery Award win was affecting her surgery time, as she had to endure multiple interviews. Furthermore, Jo was trying to sound like Bailey and come off as a scary person since she was recently named the new chief-resident. Meanwhile, DeLuca and Sam were still having lots of sex. Oh, and Bailey also asked Richard to run her surgical contest so she could have a chance at winning it. He agreed after learning the identity of her anonymous donor… Aretha Franklin.

Later, when the hacker took over the hospital’s computer system, everyone started panicking. April even complained because they had to go back to “the stone age” with paper charts, etc. But patients’ lives were on the line — some may not even survive when she show returns on Jan. 18 — so while April’s line was comedic, it was definitely a serious situation all around. The hacker demanded 5,000 Bitcoins before giving the hospital access to their records again, and while that seems like a lot of money (almost $20 million), Bailey asked Jackson to give her a loan from his inheritance in order to cover it. The FBI advised against paying the hacker, but once patients started colliding towards death, Bailey defied the FBI’s orders and called Jackson to make the money transfer. Unfortunately for her, he was then stuck on a helicopter with Maggie and a bleeding patient — heck, they were even covered in his blood, so Jackson was unable to answer his phone.

Alex was also dealing with a sick patient — a kid, to be exact — and he couldn’t figure out how to help him. So Alex and Jo tried to find the nurse who gave the kid his morning meds in order to figure out what to give him to keep him from having another stroke (remember, there were no charts). Fortunately, Jo found the nurse and discovered what Alex shouldn’t give the kid, but Alex was already preparing to give him that very same medicine. As Jo raced through the hospital to the kid’s room, so she could stop Alex from doing something that may end up killing the kid, she ran right into her abusive ex, Paul (Matthew Morrison)!

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