‘Xscape’ Recap: Kandi & LaTocha Address Their Feud & The Group’s Dark Past Is Revealed

For years, we've been wondering what really went down behind the scenes of Xscape's split. During ep 2, of 'Still Kickin' It', the group reveals years-long feuds, money issues and solo pursuits!

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The episode opens up with Kandi in the aftermath of her tiff with Tiny. Remember, last week in the premiere episode, Kandi was the only one in Xscape who had issues with reuniting and how they would execute their legendary comeback. After the group is offered to perform the BET Awards, she ended up getting getting emotional during a conversation with Tiny. Now, she meets up with her friend, Tan, a former Xscape member who was booted from the group by their former manager.

During their meeting, we learn an interesting detail that may have led to their original demise. When Kandi begins complaining about how LaTocha and Tamika Scott and Tiny want to book additional shows, Kandi admits that they only want the money. Tan makes herself appear bitter still when she laughs and responds, “Some sh-t never changes.”

As Kandi keeps venting to Tan, the episode flashes to the group members individually telling the group’s tumultuous backstory. They all explain how LaTocha’s boyfriend turned husband managed the group years ago. Kandi says he had “favoritism” issues toward LaTocha. And, Kandi agrees when she says he most likely kept telling her that she was the star of the group. Immediately LaTocha shuts those stories down, saying it’s not true.

Kandi then tells Tan that LaTocha stopped praying with them before shows and sharing a dressing room with the girls. And, you can tell Tan isn’t a huge fan of LaTocha when questions what LaTocha’s true intentions are when it comes to the group. kendo also admitted the LaTocha separated herself from the group to do her own thing and left the other members to figure out their future.

When the heads to rehearsals, Tiny calls a meeting to make sure the girls are on the same page. Kandi says that the group was doing things without her knowledge. She also adds that she has reservations about officially reuniting because she’s unsure how the management will be handled. Kandi admits that only Tiny knew she had reservations about reuniting, so everyone was on different pages.

Then, when the argument escalates, Kandi reveals that LaTocha set up the group’s third album to launch her solo career. Kandi says all the girls went into making the third album knowing LaTocha was going solo. Kandi said that the demise of the group was LaTocha’s fault. LaTocha tells her side of the story in the confessional, and says Jermaine Dupri, who founded the group, told her to work on a solo project. She adds that her solo pursuits were not what led to the group’s split.

Kandi admits that when the group was producing the third album, LaTocha’s attorney said that she was only doing future projects with Xscape if she was able to do her solo career. When she denies it, Tiny intervenes. Tiny backs Kandi when she reminds the group that LaTocha was the reason the group only made $800,000 on the third album instead of $4 million like they planned. However, LaTocha’s supposed demands of “not wanting to do promotion” for the third album, cut their money supply.

The real shocker came when Tamika, who stayed quiet the entire time, said in order to defend her sister, LaTocha’s past lies, she had to tell false stories about Kandi. Then, flashbacks played of Tamika saying that Kandi would sleep around with music industry people, including Jermaine Dupri.

When rehearsals were over LaTocha asks Kandi to hang back do they could hash out their past beef. Kandi says from the beginning, she felt like LaTocha didn’t like her. And. LaTocha is completely dumbfounded. Things take an emotional turn when Kandi breaks down about her broke relationship with LaTocha. She then brings up how LaTocha and Tamika would gang up on her and that her brother, Patrick, who passed away years ago was the group’s best mediator. Later on, Kandi and LaTocha ended up getting along when they had to work on the creative for their BET Awards performance.

With their BET debut just days away, the group cannot nail their choreography, or arrive to rehearsals on time. So, when Kandi’s mother, who has been the group’s music mom for years, shows up, she lets them know that they don’t need choreography; instead they just need to sing. So, will they nail their BET performance despite their technical issues and lingering beefs?

HollywoodLifers, do you think the group can get it together?

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