Is Selena Gomez Serenading ‘Gorgeous’ Justin Bieber Over FaceTime? New Video Has Fans Losing It

A video showing what appears to be Serena Gomez serenading Justin Bieber via FaceTime with the help of some Taylor Swift lyrics. But is it really her? is here with the truth.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat

After Justin Bieber, 23, was spotted on UCLA’s campus playing soccer shirtless, we expect a lot of fans had the goal of FaceTiming the singer if they could. But one video has been making the rounds on Instagram that people are claiming features Selena Gomez, 25, serenading a giggling, smiling Justin in a FaceTime video. Not only that, but the video reportedly shows the “It Ain’t Me” singer using the lyrics of  “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift, 27, to tell Justin how she feels about him. However, in the saddest news possible, we have to announce that this video… is a fake. Below is the fake FaceTime video, and underneath that is the original video without Justin edited in.

Despite its inauthenticity, the video understandably caused a stir on social media. Jelena shippers were quick to freak out on Twitter, and it’s a true shame that the video, which is causing fans of the on-again, off-again couple to flip out, is a sham. Here’s what Selena stans had to say about the heartwarming, but fake, FaceTime session.

We have a way to calm your “way over the top” excitement, AlexaSoPerf, but that’s just revealing the video is 100 percent not real, although Selena’s love for Justin reportedly is. We reported earlier that what Selena loves the most about Justin is “that he is sexy, talented, funny and smart.”

HollywoodLifers, despite the video not being real, do you think Selena actual FaceTimes Justin in real life on the regular?

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