Miley Cyrus Got A ‘Babies’ Tattoo While Shooting ‘SNL’ — But What Does It Mean?

Miley Cyrus got herself a new tattoo, and it's all centered around an 'SNL' sketch. And no, it's not etched in the Papyrus font. HollywoodLife is here to break down the new tat's meaning.

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Miley Cyrus, 24, is all about adding to her near endless catalogue of tattoos, but this time, she was joined by two SNL performers, Pete Davidson, 23, and Chris Redd, 32, who both got the exact same tat with her. As the variety show’s musical guest, Miley performed two songs off her Younger Now album, but she also acted in a few sketches, one of which was titled The Baby Step — hence her newest ink featured below.

Coolest girl alive #webabies

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Missing out on getting the “We Babies” tattoo was fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, 39. Also abstaining was host Larry David, 70, who hilariously decided to opt out of participating in the sketch. Miley was joined in another sketch by Liam Hemsworth, 27, as the two played contestants on The Price is Right. Not only is this couple back together after calling off their engagement in 2013, Liam and Miley were reportedly married in a secret, intimate ceremony six months ago, according to a source who dished about the news to NW Magazine. Perhaps they’ll eventually be teaching a future kid of theirs how to do the baby step. Meanwhile, if you wanted to perfect the infantile dance move yourelf, watch the sketch below. It’s pretty easy to learn.

The two also walked down their first red carpet together for the first time since 2013 while attending the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok. While you pray to your large shrine honoring Miley and Liam (and Thor) that their love will last forever (on Earth and in Valhalla), check out these pics of Miley and other celebs who posed completely topless to support body positivity.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think Miley’s next tattoo will be and where do you she’s going to have it placed on her body?

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