Wendy Williams Fainting: She Reveals Her Crew Thought She Faked It

Wendy Williams fainting as the Statue of Liberty wasn't just an unintentional metaphor for the state of our democracy, it was also initially believed to be fake by her crew.

Years from now, we’ll all be telling our grandchildren exactly where we were when the Statue of Liberty fell… on The Wendy Williams Show during their Halloween taping. While her family and friends firmly believe Wendy Williams, 53, fainted on live television due to a “lack of sleep, stress or poor diet,” the daytime talk show host recently went on Good Morning America to claim her passing out was just the result of menopause and dehydration. She admitted she’s just “of a particular age.”

One specific detail from the clip of her falling down that has raised some eyebrows is the fact her staff only rushed to help after Wendy hit the deck instead of giving their huddled masses to cushion her fall. So, does Wendy have any bad blood toward her staff? During her Good Morning America, Wendy went on to say, “The crew and security here thought that the bug-eyed look I gave was part of a stunt, because I’m always doing tricks… This is the trick show. We’re always doing tricks and stunts.” Tricks and stunts are one thing, but Wendy looked like she something downright spooky, like a ghost or her ratings going down.

Wendy continued, “They thought it was a part of something so nobody came out until I hit the ground then, oh, my gosh, chaos ensued. The studio audience went wild.” Wendy does have a valid point: at least the audience was entertained. After you watch the scary clip of Wendy fainting another million times, check out these hot pics to decide whether Tiny, 42, or Wendy has the sexiest style.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think the real cause of Wendy’s fainting was?

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