LeBron James Reportedly Messaging IG Model: Why Wife Savannah ‘Knows He’d Never Cheat’

Even though LeBron James has been accused of allegedly sliding flirty DM's to a sexy Instagram model, his wife Savannah isn't sweating it. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on how their marriage is rock solid.

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LeBron James may have his eye on more than basketball these days, as Instagram model Heidi Hoback has accused him of sliding her sexy DM’s. While the 32-year-old NBA superstar hasn’t responded to the claims, she produced alleged screenshots of his flirty messages. His wife and longtime partner Savannah, 31, isn’t too thrilled about the reports, but she’s not sweating the state of their marriage. “Savannah’s been with LeBron since she was 16, their relationship is rock solid. He’s proven himself to her many, many times over the years. She knows he has her back and would never cheat on her,” a source close to Mrs. James tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“That doesn’t mean she isn’t upset by this, she hates that people are talking about her and questioning her marriage. But she very level-headed, she won’t dwell on it,” our insider adds. Heidi had a screenshot allegedly from King James where he told the outdoor enthusiast, “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol.” The beauty’s Instagram page is filled with modeling pics, but also shots of her in full cammo with a gun on hunting trips. “Athletes slide in girl’s dms all the time so this isn’t the craziest part but sheesh. Biggest buck I’ve ever seen over here,” Heidi  wrote in the message about LeBron’s alleged flirting.

Heidi later told haters who noted that his avi on her screenshots wasn’t the same as his official Instagram that, “It was a funny story, sorry I shared.” Another Instagram model Rachel Bush , 19, claimed in April of 2016 that Bronnie had hit her up, albeit all he allegedly wrote was “Hey what’s up?” Of course she screengrabbed and shared it with the world, so pro athletes and everyone else need to remember that even the smallest of DM slides could end up getting them in trouble. Heidi’s accusations haven’t seemed to affect LeBron’s level of play, as he put up a whopping 57 points against the Washington Wizards on Nov. 3 and knocked off Kobe Bryant as the youngest NBA player to make it to a career 29,000 points. Now that has got people talking about him for all the right reasons.

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