‘Below Deck’ Recap: The Charter Guests Can’t Stop Hitting On Jen & Nico’s Feud With EJ Heats Up

'Below Deck' is officially getting steamy! They dealt with wild charter guests, who offered up a three-way sex proposal to Jen! Then, Nico's feud with EJ escalated, Captain Lee scolded the crew, and Nico and Bri are basically dating!

Below Deck
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When we left off last week, Kate was at her whits end with Jen, per usual; Nico broke up with his girlfriend at home because it was an “emotional burden”; Matt was struggling to get his life together with his ex, but they finally ended things; And, Baker and EJ went on a date… which is still just so weird to think about. Oh, and Nico and EJ are still awkwardly feuding over being the lead bosun.

At this point the crew is still on the same charter as last week, aka, the “crazy guests.” And, basically it’s Kate and Bri against Jen when it comes to the stew crew. But, things seem to be turning around. Jen was doing a great job and Kate was pleased.. so, smooth sailing, right? Well, things took a weird turn after that. One of the male guests, who is married, kept telling Jen how beautiful she was. And, his wife was all about it. The wife eventually pulled Jen inside a private room where she whipped out her boobs and offered her to join them in a three-way. Jen immediately ran.

Next, the charter guests wanted to take a day trip to the beach, which meant the team had to set up their chairs, tents and tables. In a ploy to one up EJ, Nico offered to lead the beach trip. However, it was a total fail. Nico was stressed and the crew couldn’t get the beach equipment set up because of the windy weather. And, that’s when the guests began complaining because they missed the entire day. Needless to say, Captain Lee was not happy with Nico. Captain said he was “disappointed” in Nico and that the beach day was a “cluster f–k.” Meanwhile, the wild guests continued to hit on Jen. The wife who pulled her into the private room earlier kept touching Jen’s butt.

Then, it was time to meet with Captain Lee once the charter guests left. And, it was like any other meeting; he was pissed. He said that the crew was mediocre and that they were treading water. He left the crew with a swift warning, as always. They ended up making $18k total, which Captain Lee was not happy about.

Finally it was time for the fun. Nico’s brother Josh came to visit, and Jen eyed him up immediately. Nico opened up to him about how he’s pretty much dating  Bri at this point. Then, things got heated when EJ started to argue with Nico’s brother about his feet being dirty on the yacht. Like, really, EJ?

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